now where shall I go with this new 'do?

New hair cut. . .
busy weekend. . .
black dress with pink and white polka dots. . .
I'll see you on Tuesday. . .
to tell you what kept me so busy ..

in the meantime. . .go check out the blackberry ripple frozen cheesecake over at Mennonite girls can cook .. .
Have a wonderful weekend my friends. .
you are all a delight. . .thanks for the hair do opinions. . .I love your input. .
oh .. and how did I decide in the end?
I asked the one that really matters most.


  1. Looks great! Well done! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Lovella, your hair looks great! Enjoy your weekend...can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. There are afew early birds that read blogs in the AM. I thought I would be the first one for sure. I know your up and drinking coffee by now. How fun! It is darling. A perfect chioce for you and your favorite. after all he will be the one looking at you the that party dress. Enjoy. Kathy

  4. I think it looks fabulous! Have fun this weekend...

  5. You look beautiful, Lovella. I came here FIRST today to see the new haircut! No time for other blog-hopping this morning, but I did want to see what you decided.

    Enjoy a good week-end, wherever you go. If you run into my dad, say 'hi'. He's in your neck of the woods this week. He spent all day yesterday teaching HAM radio classes. . .his passion.


  6. You look just as you are: classy, cool and collected. Perfect choice! Your beloved Mr. T has a good eye.

    Enjoy your trip!

    PS: We have got to figure out what is up with the email-two more have gone missing!

  7. Love your cut, Lovella! you look beautiful! and of course how you decided is the best way to go!! Have a blessed week-end!!

  8. Ah asked the right person :) It looks great!

    Have a great weekend..

  9. Very cute!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


    I'm off to drool over cheesecake :)

  10. hiya Lovella...just wanted to say that the little stamp was for the Chinese New Year.... year of the rat. She looks so dainty and much more like a sweet little mouse. I couldn't resist...bought a whole sheet of them.

    You hair always looks great no matter how you wear it....

  11. I was so busy checking the hair that I missed the sprinkler picture. It looked like mini lights on the hedge. We went to Costco today and the planes were 'diving' for your place. Hope your china is secure on the shelves. Kathy

  12. Wonderful haircut! You look great and your hairdresser is to be commended.

    Have fun whatever you're up to...

  13. Hello, I found your blog through your recipe website. Your hair looks great and I love your blog as well. I am always glad to find more Mennonite blogger´s on the net! Will be checking back for sure!

  14. I really like your new do! and that white outfit your wearing...looks comfy! Did you make it?

  15. The hair looks even better in real life! Good choice! Hey, if you didn't notice, I'm back!!! Yup, the project is finished and I am finally on summer holidays! Your yard looks perfect for sipping something cool, and wandering into the sprinkler for some flashback memories! Have a wonderful weekend, and tell Terry not to set any records! Looking forward to seeing you briefly this week!

  16. Okay, I'll stop lurking...AGAIN! Your hair is too cute, I love that you went with 'the one who matters most' opinion. I'm going in this week as well. Love your blog, very inspiring and beautiful, thanks! :o)

  17. Your cute...your new cut is cute too...honestly, your just cute! Glad you feel a bit spiffed up, I know we all need that from time to time.

    I bet your Knight's heart flips when he breaths you in ;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  18. It's Tuesday --- wake up, Lovella! Tell us all about your week-end with that new 'do' and the polka dot dress!

    Hope your week is great! Just stopping by to say hello.



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