Mellow Yellow

My nephew Dwain turned 40 last week.
When I was 9 he was born. He was the first grandchild for my parents .. and .. he caused a lot of commotion on the farm. I can distinctly remember the day he was born.
I remember inviting a girl friend over to have a look at my sister in law who was nearly due to deliver. I told her not to stare. .but we did .. we were so excited.
Odd the things I remember. .
My mom had been thin as a rail until that year. . .and oddly her lap softened to accommodate the wee ones coming into the family ..
Note to self. . .be aware of this phenomenon. . .the MGCC could be my demise. .
Oh . .but we're not talking about me today . .
He spent a fair bit of time hanging out with us. . and as he got a bit older, his little sister and little brother joined him.
My mom was over the top into being a Grandma. . I didn't quite get it back then. .
I do now.
Notice the color of the house back then ?
Pinkish on the bottom, then a layer of yellow and the gables were the same color as the door. . mint green. It was a little like rainbow ice cream. I wonder why they didn't have blue shutters to finish it off.
Years later the house was painted white with green shutters.
The year I got married, my mom and dad moved off the farm and my brother Ken and Mary and their family moved onto the farm and the house was painted off white and blue trim.
Several years ago, Ken and Mary built a new house kitty corner to the farm house.

Last week I walked across the porch of the home I lived in for 19 years plus 1 week. .
Dwain is living back in the house that he so often visited as a baby boy.
He's married to Lori and they have three children . ..
they just painted the house again. .

I love the yellow on this house. . .
a yellow country bungalow. . filled with laughter and love .
Grandma would have loved it. . . she loved yellow. . . .pink and green.
Ah. . the memories. .
I'm glad the house is filled with family. .


  1. Sweet nice that the house is still in the family...and is still colorful.

  2. Now that's a nice shade of yellow. It's wonderful to have all the memories of this home and for it to still be in the family...

  3. I like yellow too..when we lived in the country we had a pale yellow house with dark green's great to keep the house in the family!
    I'm off to watch the parade..

  4. There is just something inviting about a yellow house. I like the front door with the side lights...I'm guessing they are new. Wouldn't your mother have loved them?

  5. I love how you "look" at old photos. Good memeories are such a blessing! I was scanning old photos yesterday and for most of them...well, if it weren't for the memories, they sure aren't much to speak of when you look at the clothes, the colors, the photography . . . Then we hauled out an old video from the 80's becasue we are getting guests from S.A. today who we visited 20 years ago. Oh my, it's worse to see yourself in action and that you're actually wearing those styles in public . . .

  6. The right shade of Yellow can be very attractive.
    It sure doesn't' matter about the color, does it?
    It matters that you hear those beautiful sounds of growing children.

  7. Ah, that's so sweet. When I looked at that old picture it could've very well been Tammy sitting on the grass with Jacob in the tub... scary how similar! I am also a big fan of the choice of color.

  8. I LOVE a home staying in the family .. Roots are sooo important- not just to plants (smile) but people too !!
    I was thinking again this morning . .how your Mom would have LOVED your blog !!!
    And I remember the original colours of your parents house...I always thought they were pretty !!! Many of my memories in that house too...
    Well.. .Happy Birthday to Dwain! I well remember when he was born..One year after my daughter.

  9. Happy Birthday to a nephew who is catching up to you...and living in the yellow house where you once lived! That's special.

  10. Houses with heritage are great, but houses with family that definitely slides over into the blessing category....very sweet blessings!

  11. i love yellow, how nice to have the house passed on to 4 generations.

  12. Such lovely memories. My neice turned 39 last week and she is living in her childhood home. I so wanted to buy my childhood home when my parents sold it, but know now it just wasn't meant to be! It was yellow also and I loved that house!
    Thanks for sharing these memories with us!


  13. i think that people should still paint their houses, bright sherbert-inspired colours. btw, when i saw the first picture, i thought you were going to blog about your cute "mellow yellow" bikini!

  14. I'm smiling while reading this post. So warm and inviting. Funny that this post is about yellow because I think the style of writing you use is smooth and warm and comforting just like melting butter. Mellow yellow is oh so appropriate!

  15. Homes that stay in the family for generations is a rural phenomena I think. It's still happening here on the Island too - but less and less as more young people move west to make money on the oil fields.

    Lovely for you to still have your home in the family.

  16. Wow, Dwain sure looks like his little guys sitting in that picture! I love that! :)

  17. What a sweet little post Lovella..precious memories and a darling little cottage.


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