help. . .your opinion please

At 1:00 today, I have an appointment with my hairdresser for her to look at my roots. .
I'm trying to decide if I should go back to the inverted bob as shown below. .
last summer.
The picture above is the most recent..
on the boat. . my hair is messy but you get the drift.. . (no pun intended. . on the boat . . drifting)
So for your perusal .. I have compiled a collage of the last recent years.
The first on the top left is the oldest. . when my roots were darker.
Next to it was one of my favorites. . very easy ear lobes revealed.
Then, the Maui shot was . . .maybe hard to see but a little short around the bottom and thicker on the top. . not so thinned.
Then, angled bangs and heading to the inverted bob.
Down one row, is the hair diffused and left to curl willy nilly.
The hat head picture. . .inverted bob works well with a hat.
I've been feeling well. .. .a little matronly. I'm thinking that maybe I should go back to the inverted. . what do you think?
A penny for your thoughts would be very appreciated.
Tammy .. I'm coming at 1 sharp. HELP.
I'll take a picture upon my return and add it to the top.
Have a wonderful day my friends. .


  1. I like the inverted bob. Nice classic look and definitely not matronly. Not that you could look matronly anyways. Have fun at the hairdresser.

  2. I love all those styles...really, I do. You carry a style very nicely.

  3. I think I like your most recent hairstyle -- maybe because it looks more trendy to me???, but all those pictures look great so whatever you choose is going to look really good!

  4. Here at 5:51am and figured I'd for sure be the first comment. Not so! I like the Maui Hair the best!

  5. I think you look great in both do's! I'll look forward to your decision :0)

  6. others have said, you really carry all the styles well.I think the most recent though....yep. That is where I will cast my vote.

    So...there is a style of hair for wearing hats? Well I don't wear hats but my hair sure does look like I do most of the time!

  7. That's always a hard decision for me too. I have to agree with the previous comment...they all look great, but I like the current do.
    Matronly? Not at all.

  8. I'm afraid I am no help because I think all of your styles look nice. You have a great head of hair and you look nice in a hat.

    I think you look very youthful in your Maui pic. What a cute top you are wearing.

    Good luck with your decision. I don't think you can go wrong with anything you choose.

  9. I asked B. about this since he was right there next to me and this was his comment: "They all look the same. She looks really great in all the shots!"

    (After 32 years of marrige, the man may not have a discerning eye for subtle changes in hair styles, but he does knows better than to give me a negative review of how a hairstyle looks!)

    He of course, as usual, is right actually; you DO look wonderful and oh so happy in each of the shots; it is only natural that each hairstyle likewises looks fabulous.

    But...I do know what you mean about feeling a bit matronly at times regardless of how well the hair is doing.

    My son gave an off the cuff review of Texas hair one day. He looked around and pointed out that all the women around my age were wearing basically one style, (he called it the Q-tip look) and that ladies one age bracket up wore their hair one way, and the ladies another age bracket down wore their hair another way, with subtle variations.

    It was just an observation, but the next day I started to let my hair grow out just to be different.

    This wasn't a complete solution to the "I feel matronly" problem though. Somedays I think my long hair looks matronly and a short cut would look sassy, other days I thinks short hair looks uptight and long looks young.

    The light dawned upon me later:

    It isn't the haircut that does it one way or the other, it is the attitude of the brain residing underneath the thatch. I realized I needed to get busy pumping up the inner sass instead of pumping up the hair spray.

    (On a slightly different bent: I have read that brunettes are advised to gradually lighten their hair as they get older as "God" always lights hair with age anyway and light supposedly makes the skin look brighter. I think fifty plus women with dark dark hair can look a bit harsh and on sixty plus women it just looks unreal. The Hollywood brunettes like Jamie Lee Curtis are going silver grey naturally and getting rave reviews for the sassy sheen. Just a thought...haven't a clue how to do that gradually though.)


    I like how your hair looks when you are wearing a hat.

    Maybe you should go and get yourself a new hat to wear to the wedding! (wink!)

  10. Lovella...all the styles are so cute but I really like the inverted Bob :) I am due for a hair cut as well...might even consider this style..

  11. I'm sorry, all I see is cheesecake :)

    Love the bob!

  12. I like all of them..I know I am no help! I am sure you will look great whatever you always do!!
    I'm off to meet some special people today..

  13. Hey Lovella, Couldn't resist... I agree you look great in all the pictures. I first thought the bob...definetly side view and hat worthy, but I have to say my favorite look on you is the "very easy ear lobes look". It compliments your face so nicely. I look forward to see what you chose. Have fun.
    I bet now you are really confused.

  14. I am growing the inverted bob myself so I think I'm partial - I've always had to have my hair fairly short becuase of my wavy curls but now I have a great straightener and I can wear it a little longer. You wear that style very well.

    My daughter (17 yrs) votes for the last picture in the 2nd row (you have glasses on).

    Looking forward to the winning cut!

  15. Lovella, you will never look matronly! I love your hair now very much --- it is hard to decide, but I think I'm partial to the inverted bob. It looked stunning on you.

    Happy 'root' examination and haircutting!


  16. I'll just have to say it too Lovella - you look great and anything but matronly in all of those shots! I like the easy ear lobe look - but which is the easiest to take care of? (I'm usually all about the quick and easy!)
    Lori T

  17. Best friends comment!!! Since we have such different hair I have always loved the smooth and straight, and the bob. The hat picture is so sweet with that hair style, but how often do you really wear a hat, and the others will work with a hat too. I like it shorter in the front and on the sides best. Your face is so petite and it flatters you. You can still mess it in the back abit or wear it smooth with a short syle. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose. It will be sweet on you no matter what. Kathy

  18. I think I frustrated my hairdresser a bit last time, because I sort of wanted a change, but couldn't explain it and left her feeling like I didn't like my haircut so far. Anyways...
    you look so cute in all the pics, but my favorite 3 are the messy, the hat one and the first one in the second row. All the best! Now who's going to help me out?

  19. My penny is not worth as much these days but if you need one more opinion I like the cut you have on the formal blue-tied Terry and you pic.
    Smile !! Aren't you sorry you asked for our opinions ?? I say go for whatever you like best!! and if you can't decide keep what you have !!

  20. I would go for the inverted's classic yet clean & suits you to a tee!

  21. The bob is my favorite. It is a popular haircut but I think you wear the style especially well. So while it's not a super unique look, I think it is a youthful look on you.

    I've been thinking of a new look too - but what. I researched what to do with grey - like making it silvery. I think a new great cut is what I mostly need. But what like you said. Aimee told me I should find a hairdresser my age who's full of ideas for 50+ women who are sassy and youthful inside.

    Have fun.

  22. Lovella, you are definitely not matronly! All your hair cuts look great... you look funky and cute no matter what. I'm getting mine done next Friday, and I understand your feeling of being torn. Decisions, decisions.

  23. ok darlin' after your "delightful" comment on my keep your hair,short,sassy,saexy(menno accent and that is all there is too are far from matronly...just plain goergous, inside and out!!! hey you asked...smirk...big smile :-D

  24. Go for the inverted bob! It is so cute and you do wear it very well! I have two of my daughter's hair cut that way so anyone from 4 to 80 could wear that cut!

  25. Looks like the choices are short or shorter. How about trying something a little longer?? :-)


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