corney Kernels

Do you all read the "Real Simple" Magazine?
It's one of my small indulgences. . .
The hint in the picture is one I picked up some time ago. . .
but .. next time you are having corn on the cob. .
casually ask. .
How many Kernels do you suppose is in each cob?
According to the
August 2008 issue. . there are about 600 kernels. . .
Oh and the fun part that I would have never guessed is . .
there is one strand of silk for each kernel.
I'm off and running. . .(not literally). .
maybe walking though .. .
as you already noted ..
we ate really well ..
on that. .
trip . .
Have a wonderful day my friends .. .


  1. Ok I'm amazed at this little hint. Who would of thought of that?! Oh boy do I need to walk off a few/lot of pounds I put on...

  2. I'm missing out..haven't read that magazine. Must get it! I did see that on a cooking show though, how to de-kernel a cob using a bundt/angel food pan.
    Walking..oh my I need more of that. Still using your pedometer, Lovella?

  3. My mom does her corn the same way...and uses an electric knife.
    I love that magazine yet rarely indulge.

  4. I learned that tip from a cooking program on TV many years certainly works great, doesn't it?

    Walking...boy, do I ever need to get back into walking...since our move, I've been so neglectful...

  5. I just saw that hint for cutting corn kernels into a bundt pan somewhere...neat idea! And I also use an electric knife.

    Walking...what's that?

  6. reading Jill's comment I wondered .. what clif hanger. . so I went back and read my own post and wonder what On earth I started to say . .here is a fun. . . and then ended the post.
    I'm losing it .. . fast.

  7. Now THAT is one of the best hints ever! What a timesaver...thanks!

    Enjoy the run or the walk!

  8. I think I'll pose that question to my supper guests tonight.
    Way to go..
    I think Lovella needs to keep us all counting again, 10,000 steps??

  9. Very informative..isn't it amazing the things we learn via blogging.

    Enjoy your walk! As I sit here typing away, the niggling thought is coming that I need to do the same.

  10. wonder there is always a few silk threads left no matter how carefull I try to clean them off !! 600! wonder who was so bored they decided to count them? smile

  11. Very cool - and then what do you do? freeze them?

    I walked today - no pedometer though so I can't say how many steps.

    I'm going to pull mine out and dust it off - enough holiday indulgences :)


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