communication with an 8 month old

Indulge me a wee bit . . .
for the life of me I can't know for sure what the lil' farm hand is doing here.
Aside from keeping his chin moist . .
it seems that
a) has chosen to be a photographer like his grammie . . .
b) he has decided that he wants royalties for future photo ops . . ..
No matter .. .
he might be able to scale two flights of stairs and have a roll of bathroom tissue unravelled before you notice he's again gone from his play area. . . .
but I'm still quicker on two legs than his four limbs . .
I'm enjoying the fact that I can move faster for the time being.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Ahh drool is so cute on a little tike! G'children are so much fun.
    I'm heading to the city this afternoon, some shopping is required..

  2. Ha! Such a classic shot. I was with a little one last night who enjoyed toilet paper, too. :0)

  3. He sounds like a bundle of energy! The activity and the drools remind me so much of my now-grown son at that age. What a cuddle-bucket he was (and is, when he wants to be)!

  4. I love your photos of the trip ... those mountain ones are gorgeous. Glad you had a good time at the wedding; you and Mr. T. both looked amazing. And, very cute photo of the l'il farmhands chin - gotta love that drool. Does that mean teeth are coming?

  5. Enjoy the drool...and the unraveled paper rolls...he'll soon be on to other things!

  6. Oh that makes me smile. I have dealt with my fair share of drool. And I don't really mind it when it's coming from someone so sweet. :)


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