Blueberry picking 2008

Tasting the first one of the year is always a flavour burst in the mouth. . .
Tasting the first blueberry ever .. . in your life .. . is knowing you will want more.
Next year he'll be storing his blueberries in a little pail.
Picking blueberries and wondering what delectable things I'll make with them. .
is never far from my mind.
These berries. . .were washed. . .. laid out on paper towel lined cookie sheets. .
frozen into little hard ball bearings. . . slippery little things on the floor.
and then put into plastic bags to enjoy this coming . .. . I can hardly say it winter season.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Now thats a nice bunch of Blueberry bushes. I have a hard time keeping up with my one bush!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday. It's suppose to be really hot here today...

  2. looking forward to all those delectable recipes you'll be sharing with those blueberries!
    in the coming ----- season.

  3. Oh Lovella..I love it! What fun to be picking all those delicious blueberries. We have them on the shelves in the stores here...but somehow it's just not the same..hmmmm

  4. I love picking berries but I usually have to do it in the 'wild bushes'. Mmm..looking forward to you sharing those blueberry recipes, Lovella!

  5. It looks like you found a healthy blueberry patch! I'm harvesting my few little bushes...and we're eating as we pick. The birds seem to be harvesting mine as well...even through the mesh.

    How did he like his first blueberry?

  6. I've eaten more blueberries in the past week than any human should.

  7. I think the 'w' word should have been deleted not just crossed out !! smile
    What fun picking blueberriers with favorite little people!!
    Have a wonderful day! Looks like another hot one !

  8. Oh, my mouth is watering now!

  9. Jealous. Pea green with blue edges with jealousy. The low fat blue berry scone recipe is one of my favorites, and knowing that a freezer is full of sun ripened berries waiting to be mixed in...
    You do live in a lovely place, and it is so wonderful that you share it with us.

  10. I was doing the same with raspberries this week. Freezing them for the season which must not be named. :)

    (at least for a few more weeks!)

  11. Oh, we haven't made it to the berry patch yet...looks like you were having are a flexible lass Lovella.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  12. Oh how I miss freshly picked produce, it is just not as abundant down here were it is so hot. I enjoy your post, especially when a certain family of three is featured. Bea looks beautiful as always even while picking blueberries. I am glad that you are able to build so many fun memories together.

  13. Great blueberry bushes! I enjoyed reading about a little blueberry lover in the making. Super idea for freezing, too. Blueberries don't last that long around here, though. We have to resort to Wyman's come winter.


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