Beautiful British Columbia

British Columbia is 150 years old today.

It might not be the land of milk and honey but it is a land that boasts its beauty from the far north to the Rocky Mountains to the ocean where the sun sets and to the border to the south.

We bought the British Columbia flag in honour of the 150th birthday.

This flag is laced with memories for me. My mom loved the British Columbia flag.

She thought it far prettier than the Canadian flag so that is the one that was flown on the farm while I was growing up.

The flag has meaning of course. . the Union Jack at the top refers to our British past. The King Edward crown in the center of the Union Jack refers to the Canadian Royal Family .. who live in Britain.

Then. . below that, the blue and white stripes signify the western most province of Canada which touches the Pacific Ocean and is divided on the east side by the Rocky Mountains.

Then of course, the sun setting at the bottom is the setting sun into the ocean. .

I'm wondering how many British Columbian's knew all this trivia. . no matter. . .

I know that if you have been to our beautiful province. . . or if you live here. . .

you have enjoyed its beauty.

It seems fitting that the party should include some true British Columbia cuisine.

Grill some wild Sockeye Salmon with some Crab stuffing. . .

invite over some wonderful friends to share the holiday ..

and we're a happy lot.

Have a wonderful day . .

if you have a fresh Sockeye Salmon hanging about .. you can find the recipe to

Have a wonderful holiday. . to all my British Columbian friends and to all my Canadian friends ..

and to the rest of you too.


  1. I have indeed visited British Columbia, and I found it to be incredibly beautiful (and I'm ready for another visit!). I was not familiar with the symbolism of the flag - I appreciate the explanation.

    I love salmon, although it's pretty difficult to find it fresh here in hot Florida. My fishmonger had some wild sockeye salmon flown in last week, and he says more is coming...I think I'll have to pay him a visit!

  2. Happy 150 years B.C.!
    Love all the history and the flag. I've enjoyed all my visits to B.C.
    Have a wonderful day Lovella and the salmon looks incredible...

  3. Thank you for the bit of history about beautiful British Columbia...A lovely meaningful flag indeed. Funny...never thought of the Rocky Mountains going on up into British Columbia...well that has to be pretty grand. That salmon looks mighty delicious :)Have a wonderful holiday...

  4. Count me in as a fan of BC...and hopefully a more frequent visitor soon. The flag is simply gorgeous, and your Mom clearly had a taste for beauty.

    I'm glad you served "traditional" western Canadian food on your holiday. You may wind up being the sage on the subject yet!

  5. A lovely flag indeed...and I'm glad you have one to call your own!

    I shall check out the salmon recipe...I have the cedar planks ready to go, but must go in search of some sockeye salmon.

    Happy BC Day to you!

  6. Have a wonderful day.
    Thanks for giving us the scoop of our own province.

  7. Oh I'd love to visit your fair province. My aunt went to nursing school in Vancouver many, many moons ago and she never stopped talking about beautiful British Columbia. The flag is wonderful and, your mother is right, far more attractive (imho) than the national flag. (Guess that's true of many states and our national flag, too.)

    Have a very happy holiday!

  8. Add my vote to the BC flag being more beautiful than our Canadian flag!
    And thank you for the trivia! We in BC should be able to pull rank sometimes, don't you think? since we are 'older' than Canada?? smile

    And yes.. I LOVE salmon...

  9. Thank you for the wonderful evening. The salmon was fabulous. I really liked seeing the BC flag raised in your yard. Kathy

  10. I was born in British Columbia and we spent our summers there as I was growing up, even though we live in the states. It is a beautiful place!! You're blessed to call it home...Pretty flag and the symbolism is interesting info I'd never heard before...The salmon recipe looks so good!

  11. Happy Birthday to British Columbia! We have friends from church that are vacationing up there just now so I've been thinking of you.

    We had rain, finally, yesterday! Michael and I have been away on our very own 2-day getaway! Yeah! I'm going to start posting pictures soon. :)


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