9 months. . 9 months-11 days

Our little grandgirlie and the lil' farm hand are the funnest grandbabies ever. . . ( you are completely entitled to have your own opinion of your grandbabies on your own blog)

I mentioned buying this little Diego car/horse (turn your volume up) at Toy Traders for $15. I have now had my $15 worth of mirth and chuckles. .

He has no idea how to steer and that causes him a wee bit of discontent. . those crazy walls keep popping up. . .

The little grandgirlie at 9 months is sitting smiling pretty with 6 teeth . . When she smiles, her crystal blue eyes sparkle through her thick long lashes . . . The lil' farm hand at 9 months minus 11 days is on the move. . . up the stairs and sliding on his tummy down the stairs. . last I heard he was hoping to get his drivers license.

.. .still smirking. . .

Have a wonderful day my friends. . I'm heading off for my walk. . .prepare yourselves. . come September you will be walking too.


  1. wow, lovella for a nine month old to be able to ride like that! watch out, he'll be walking soon!!

  2. I have so much to look forward to!! Of course, that's when I'll think that my grandbaby will be the funnest (and cutest) grandbaby ever!

  3. That car sounds like it needs a tune up. It is never too soon to learn to work on cars, especially since LFH now owns a car and has such a mechanically minded gramps ready to show him how it is done.

    Terry: Get the kid a step stool, and get 'er done!

  4. So cute!! He's doing very well!
    I'm off on my walk too! Have to work off last night's dessert.

  5. Oh what fun you have and are in for!!

  6. How quickly they change! Enjoy every moment...because they'll be losing those teeth before you know what happened.

    I'm ready to walk...tried it out last night and I still know how.

  7. too cute! he looks like a man with a mission........smirk
    walk.....i am up for the challenge.

  8. So Cute! Our little guy fell down his first steps. Ouch....
    Big Bruise...

  9. That was $15.00 well spent! I love how your heart and pride gushes over those two. That is how it should be. Yes she does have beautiful eyes and oh those lashes. And the little go-getter is just as cute and has a twinkle of mistchief in his eyes and smile. Walking...ah I started a month ago and my walking partner and I just said this AM that it is almost a habit now. We took a new route this AM. Scot wears his pedometer to work ever day. His average is 3 miles a day at work. Kathy

  10. Ooooh grandbabies - I want some!

    I'm glad you're going to hold us accountable - I need help :)

  11. Ohhhhh, I thought that you were going to say that someone was eleven days overdue! Ha!

    What an active grand you have! He certainly knows how to make that thing go!

    I've been walking this summer on every good day that isn't otherwise occupied with things to do. I'm gearing up for September.

  12. Wow, 9 months and horse training. That is some grandbaby you got there Lovella!

  13. Cowboy! The clop-clop sounds so cute!

    Oh yes, grandbabies are the best. Our new boy has been off visiting and returning this evening. I can't wait for hugs and kisses!

  14. BTW, I'm already training for the September walks. And Ellen and I will be walking tomorrow for our third day in a row!


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