wash day

My grandmothers laundry bag from her single days in nursing school.
A new detergent I'm giving a whirl. . ."eco friendly".
She passed away while I was still single . .. .
somehow I doubt she would commiserate with my Monday Wash Day.
I wonder what her last wash machine looked like.
We were away this weekend .. .celebrating with our kids,
tomorrow I'll tell you why.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Ohhhh Lovella. Can't wait to hear 'why'. And...I can even remember the wringer washer from my youth so I wonder how much work that grandmother of yours had to go through. We are so fortunte these days and those women still did so much for the home, raising family, baking etc. etc.

  2. What a tease! Looking forward to tomorrow. My washer is agitating away right now...

  3. It's wash day here, too, despite the fact that my cousin will be arriving mid-afternoon. So much to do...

  4. I hear ya...whenever I begin to lament a basement laundry room, I think of what my grandmothers, even my mother, had to put up with.

    Your grandmother's laundry bag looks simply charming and has stood up so well.

    Looking forward to what you have to share with us tomorrow!

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  6. Oops, double post...has Blogger been acting weird for everyone or is it just me?

  7. Looking forward to your get-away!

  8. hmmm, sounds intrigueing, (spelling)your little get away.
    i'm doing lots of towels after my little getaway. those little breaks are so nice. this week my kids are gone and i have lots of catch up to do and get down and dirty..lol.
    love your oma's laundry bag...
    noe it is time to get back to my laundry.
    have a great day.

  9. About doing laundry: I just don't have a mechanically minded mind; it is much too hard for a girly-girl like me figure out how to use that great big old machine..plus use math to measure out detergent (all that chemistry to learn to understand the label; too scientific!), and those dirty clothes are so heavy to lift. I swoon whenever I even think about it!

    My knight in shining armor realized right away that doing laundry was something only men should tackle. Definitely not a task for fragile feminine types. He has always been determined to do the manly things while I take care off the womenly arts!

    I so admire women that are able to manage all that. Wait till I tell my friends about all of you who actually DO laundry all by yourselves!

    (Gee...why is my nose feeling sooo much longer after typing this? and why didn't I think of using this line of reasoning when I first got married???)

    Hope your weekend celebration was as much fun ours; if we had lived closer together, we could have teamed up!

  10. It's wash day here too and also a TON of other things on the the to-do list because of a beautiful weekend working outside! I have mountains of laundry and already four loads on the line... better keep going!

  11. I remember our wringer washer - I don't know why but that wringer was so tempting to little fingers . . .

  12. I love the new laundry detergent! Alas, the last time I was at Costco, they no longer had it. :(

    Beautiful laundry bag = precious Grandmother = fortunate you!



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