saturday peek .. local produce

I've a busy day .. .cleaning and cooking. .
It's my mil's birthday here tomorrow, so I best keep moving.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends, see you Monday.


  1. What beautiful red produce. My celebrations are over for a while so I hope to do a couple of posts on MGCC this next week. Blessings on your celebration tomorrow...

  2. Ahh my mouth waters..delicious looking strawberries, yum yum! Have a fun b'day celebration..
    Happy Birthday to your MIL!

  3. Bold and beautiful...and yummy too! Say Happy Birthday to you MIL from us.

  4. What beautiful abundance!!! I would just love a bucket of those berries!

  5. Your week sounds like mine. After returning from London, we've had a water hose under the kitchen sink burst. It could have been a lot worse. It could have happened while we were gone. Fortunately the Professor is good with plumbing.

    I went to our farmers market this morning and brought home lots and lots of peaches. A tart sounds wonderful to me right now.

    Happy Birthday to your MIL.

  6. I love the strawberry collage. Happy birthday to your mil. I can only imagine how much cleaning I'd be doing in similar circumstances. Ha!

  7. I told you I was waiting for your red peak!. Looks lovely. All those berries and cherries eh?


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