Happy 4th and the peach tart teaser

To all my American friends to the south .. . . .Have a wonderful Day!!! I'll be craning my neck to see your fireworks. . . and smell your Barbeque's.

Peaches ready and ripe on your counter? Run on over to the Mennonite Cooking Blog today for a tart recipe you will love to make eat. It's actually fun to make too.

I'm hoping my brain is functioning normally today. . .Yesterday, I lost an important key and I lost 3 receipts that I needed. . .(the receipts I found later found them in the garbage under the salmon bones. . ) and our printer went kaput. The recent power outage might have been to much. . and the serge protector might not have worked. How is that for a definitive diagnosis.

So, here I am, hoping for a day with no excitement. . .dullsville will be fine by me.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Ugh! So glad you found your lost items. Sorry about the printer. Those pink beauties are enough to make me smile, though! Blessings on a hopefully dull day...

  2. Important papers have a way of going missing here also...garbage cans, recycling bins, or the wrong file is where they seem to land up. Hope the key shows up soon!

    I'm just checking to see what you've been up to this week...a visit to Stanley Park and 'Bard and on the Beach' sounds like a wonderful summer outing to me!

    I'm off to check out your peach tart...looks yummy!

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  4. That's the kind of excitement I can do without. With our recent move, I'm really surprised that we haven't lost more than we did. Actually, things may not be lost; they may just be in one of those yet-to-be-unpacked boxes...

    Peaches...ummmm, I love 'em! I'll have to run over and check out that tart recipe...

  5. Oh Lovella...too funny. I am so memmory challenged...(like the term? I have learned to talk in sensitive terms) .... but worse than that often.

    That recipe looks great...I am scooting over there to MGCC right away.

  6. so glad to hear that i am not the only one.......lol
    hope your day is dullsville, ;-)

  7. I love the photo of you with the two flags!

    The peach tart looks incredibly delicious....

    I hope your day proves to be very uneventful, after yesterday.

  8. Hmm..I have those days too Lovella!
    That peach tart looks amazing..I love peaches.
    Hoping your day zips along smoothly..

  9. Well I have also lost a key. The key to my sister's mailbox. I am supposed to be collecting the mail while their family is gone. Hope I find it before they come home.

    Also peach pie reminds me of you. I seem to remember peach pie being the first thing I ever ate at your house. That was in 1991 or 1992.

  10. Hi Lovella,
    Great picture of you and the 2 flags.
    Sorry to hear about your printer and lost key.
    I would comment more, but I'm in too big of a hurry to check out that peach tart recipe ;-)

    Wishing you a "dull" day.

  11. I've already been over to check out the peach tart - mm mmm! I wish you would come and make some for me - you'll have to bring the peaches with you.Peach season will be a while yet...

    But strawberries, on the other hand are just starting and they are SO good.

    It's very handy to have you a step ahead of me with seasonal recipes.

    Hope your day was too dull...

  12. a dullsville kind of day is good! sometimes we really need a day like that. hope it's a fun one :)

  13. I just love that picture! Hope that your weekend is fun and has no failures of any kind.

  14. Love the new photo you posted with the two flags! My daughter and a friend burst out with Oh Cananda yesterday at our 4th gathering. They knew the whole thing, too!

  15. Lovella...the peach tart looks amazing...I have printed it out for future treat...presentation is very pretty...


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