Peach Custard Pie Teaser

There are times when I can hardly decide what to make for dessert.
I can pour over cookbooks for hours, everything looks so good to me.
I then begin to borrow one idea and add it to another idea

and . . .

sometimes it turns out not bad.
Yesterday I whipped up a Peach Custard Pie and you can find it over at the

Have a great day, I'm now running over to the MGCC blog to post my pie recipe.

Oh Thank you for all your well wishes to my beloved yesterday. . you are all so wonderfully kind.


  1. Here I am north of Seattle thinking I could probably be really close to that there peach pie in about 2 hours....
    But alas it's not to be today but maybe someday, Lord willing.
    have a great day Lovella!

  2. Lovella...anything prepared with fresh peaches is way up there on my list of favorite deserts.....the peach custard pie sounds delicious :)

  3. I agree with Dee Dee...fresh peaches are one of my favorites!

    The recipe looks so yummy...when this rain lets up, I'm heading to the market!

  4. Looks delicious!
    Now I know what I'll be making for my guests tonight.
    Can't wait to dig in!
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Good! I've been looking for just such a recipe! Now I know where to find it next time this is what I want to make! Thanks!

  6. Your table is beautiful and the recipe sounds delicious. I'll head over to MGCC now as well. . .to read the recipe. Thank you!


  7. the MGCC blog first and now I get to see it about to be served on your beautifully set table. Lovely. Have a great evening (good grief...everyone in the world is asleep but I just got home from work! )!


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