on hold

I'm on hold this morning with Canada Post. . .

So far .. . I've had to redial 3 times since the line eventually fizzles out and I'm left with a nice lady saying. . .please hang up and try again. So, the phone is now sitting in front of me and I'm waiting to speak to a real person. . . it could be quite some time since it is Monday morning and I'm obviously not the first person who decided to call them at the beginning of their work week.

I've hung up again. . . how crazy is this .. .ah perhaps I can email customer service. . I'll try that.

No, I'll try once more . . .oh, I'm so excited . . I have music this time . . there is hope . .

I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes . .

Ah . . .it's all good. The sun is shining, after I get my house back in order from the weekend festivities, I'll have a walk and enjoy some gardening.

. .. that is of course if I've managed to get through to Canada Post .. .

oh if I could just find that key .. . I wouldn't be having to call them. Shoot. .

Have a wonderful day my friends . .


  1. Hope you get your key situation sorted out...those little things can be so frustrating. There are advantages to having the old rural mailbox at the road...no key required!

  2. Are those apricot roses? So pretty!
    Those words 'please hold' can be so frustrating..hope you can get it all sorted out quickly.
    Have a great day Lovella..it's rainy and cool here, I will tackle indoor projects.

  3. Good luck with either finding the key or getting through with your call!

    I'm procrastinating with all the phone calls I need to make today. I really should get on with them...

  4. Oh dear, it's that key. Hope you get through.

  5. I'm praying you find the key.

  6. Oh dear - it sounds like an experience I had with computer techies. I did some blog surfing on my laptop while I waited and waited and waited . . .

    We don't have postal keys here in Belfast - just go down to the post office and have our post mistress hand us our mail. We could have a mailbox by our gate but it's been knocked over too many times by snowplows...

    beautiful roses!

  7. I found myself in a similar situation with Telus last week...grrrr! I tried to blog about it, but I was still a little too angry and it wasn't sounding very nice at all... you sound as if you are dealing with the delightful phone system a bit better than me!

  8. it's funny how these little annoyances can get our patience in an uproar....hope you find your key, or get through to canada post quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your day. today is good soup weather in the praries.........those bc visitors brought along the weather....lol

  9. Any luck talking with someone ro finding the key yet?

    Does it drive you batty knowing the key will turn up as soon as you order a new one?

    I've beem tempted to put single keys like to the mail box on the end of a big red wooden spoon, and have it hanging by the door so I couldn't slip it into my pocket or my purse.

    Your butter soup recipe looks so good!

  10. I feel your pain. Hope that all the troubles were resolved. My problem today involved an MSN download that wasn't compatible with my firewall Zone Alarm. An hour later...

    The roses are gorgeous!

  11. I hate being on hold-music is USUALLY a good sign...hmmm I wonder what happened?


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