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There is scarcely a more beautifully scented time of year than early July, in my garden. The roses are fragrant in the evening when I water my hanging baskets. It is true that the farming aroma can be distinctive but I choose to not smell that.
I was delighted yesterday after a real person decided to speak to me at Canada Post. . .He was perhaps a little less than enthusiastic. I confided in him that I had misplaced my one key. He was quick to let me know that having a key cut from the one remaining key was not a problem. I said to him .. I feel a wee bit uneasy that the key is gone and what if something untowards had happened and the key was in sinister hands. Could I please have my box rekeyed. Well, yes you can have it rekeyed he replied. At this point I'm expecting a large charge for my lack of security with the Canada Post key. Not so .. .it is free. Free? No charge to me. Woo hoo. Then rekey. . . I said. They will call in a few days with the info on where to pick up my new free keys.
I thanked him properly and smirked a wee bit.
Oh .. and on the weekend my techie son hooked up my new printer/fax/scanner. . .so I'm good to go again.
I'm off to get my roots looked at .. . (my hairdresser depends on me saying this so she knows that I know that I have an appointment. . it's a reminder in reverse)
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What a pleasant surprise that everything turned out so well with the key. Isn't this what is called "lagniappe" unexpected surprise or benefit?

  2. Yippee! I'm glad your key problem is solved. I'm also happy that I'm in the land of my very good root fixer. July 23rd is my appt. :0)

  3. Something free???! I never heard of that!

    The roses are lovely, and I'm sure they smell just as lovely as they look. We are not far from an ag area here and sometimes enjoy a whiff of the aroma. I don't mind. It means people have work and we'll have food.

  4. Your roses are just absolutely gorgeous!!! I just want to bury my head in them!

  5. it is always a real surprise to us when things turn out better than expected....why is that?
    your roses as peautiful.yellow roses make me happy, pink roses make me feel serene, red roses well...., apricot roses are just plain lovely. i just love roses, hence my moddle name, rose! you sure do know how to tend them that they look so lush.a real gift!

  6. Good news about the key!

    Your blog is looking extremely beautiful these days...I think it's the prettiest one I visit...all those lovely flowers and great color combinations.

  7. Your roses are absolutely lovely.

  8. Happy for you that the key issue is solved!
    Your roses are gorgeous and I chuckled when you said you chose not to smell that other aroma..

  9. Well good for you that you got that problem all solved and for free no less. Good to know you had a good experience with Canada Post since I work for them now.
    Talking about free stuff, we brought some scrap metal away this past weekend to a scrap metal yard. They weighed what we had and then proceeded to pay us $67.00 for it. Getting paid for garbage. I'm all for that.

  10. Way to go...all your problems solved for free! I did't know anything was free with Canada Post.

    Lovely roses!

  11. Your hairdresser is interested in looking at your ancestry? Wow, that is so nice of her to show an interest in where you came from and your family history and all.

    Especially now that you are a grammie; it is so important to remember to give children both roots and wings, as the astute saying goes.

    I suppose if you ever start getting gray hair she will be able to help you with that as well. (smirk.. from one who is as God made her in the tresses department. Blond, silver, white...all the same over time for me!)

  12. wow....I am glad that not only is everything going to be put 'back to order' but FREE! Whoever hears that these days. Incidentally....Canada Post delivered an express post letter to the states for me ONE day late. I was promptly reimbursed my cost of the charges. So there is SERVICE somewhere out there!

  13. Those roots never stop. But what a nice head massage and we all feel so much better. Schedule the next appointment immediately.

    Yea Canada Post! You can count on them, as that was my first job!!


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