the key .. .has returned

Fantastic News everyone .. . .no more sleepless nights worrying over my lost key.
No more fretting that your friend on the farm is becoming . .. shall we say .. . a little less than sharp?
No more fretting that there is a sinister plot to steal my bills out from under me.
I ran up to the community mailbox yesterday on the way to my coiffure and . .. . shoot .. .I didn't have my camera with me again. .
There was a small poster. . .which said.
Have you lost a mailbox key? Please inquire .. .
So, I moseyed on in and "inquired" about the found key. . .and there she was. . with a large piece of masking tape encasing her describing her as lost.
I thanked the lady profusely and went back to the mailbox where I gleefully picked up the days bills.
Upon my arrival home after my coiffure I quickly picked up the telephone and called Canada Post again .. . fantastic news again. . .I had success reaching the nice man on my first ring.
I confided in him again that I had lost my key and had called to have my box rekeyed and now I found my key and would no longer need to have my box rekeyed. . .and he said.
Oh .. let me check your reference number. . .(which I had not lost).
The man tells me that the box was rekeyed this morning but no matter I should carry on and they would set the new keys aside for someone else to use.
Now this perplexed me. . .how should I get into my newly rekeyed box with my old set of keys?
He paused for dramatic effect or else for thought. . .I wasn't sure which. . .and said. . Oh did you try the key today? Yes, I said and it worked. . .it shouldn't if it has been rekeyed. . .
He again paused for dramatic effect. . .and said .. oh. . .well, everything is fine then?
Yes, I suppose it is .. .
I thanked the nice Canada Post man for his trouble and rang off.
And that . . .my friends is the end of the key saga.
I'm sure you are as happy as I am about that.
Have a wonderful day, I'm breaking my fast in town with my beloved...
(PS. . .I'm reading a novel about Queen Mary of England and I've taken on a few of their lovely phrases. . . my poor man)


  1. So...have you tried your key on anybody else's mailbox yet? =)

  2. good idea Anneliese, I'm wondering if my key fits the same box number in every box in the countryside. . if I'm away for a few days, you know what I'm up to.

  3. I love hearing stories of something lost and then found... it doesn't always happen that way, but it's so nice when it does! I just lost an important necklace, and searching high and low hasn't helped much- I actually thought of your ring story, and that gives me a little hope one day it'll just turn up!

  4. Whew! Glad that little mystery is solved. I'm wondering, too, about your key fitting multiple boxes...

  5. Glad your found your key...but I think the plot thickens! How would your old key work on your newly re-keyed mailbox? Interesting!

  6. Glad you found your key!

    What's the name of your book?

  7. So you are just finished one saga and the next one appears.
    It is an interesting story, because now someone else will have the same set of keys?
    Oh well, call it a safe box, just as I told Levi that at Hofstede's a Dutch market no one locks the cars because it is a safe place.

  8. Hmm..I'll be checking for 'mailbox theft' in the news..
    Anyway so happy that all is well with the 'lost key' saga.

  9. phew, i bet you are glad that has been resolved...smirk, smile!

  10. Ohh.. Lovella, the trials you endure just to delight your blog-fans !!!
    I had to laugh... and the laugh wasn't on you!
    An old key fitting a rekeyed box...and no one questioning it? Hmmmm.. makes you wonder !!!

    Reminds me of the time a girl I knew came out of church to find out that she had locked her keys in her car. Just as a joke to lessen her anxiety I said.."Hmm.. why don't I just use MY keys to unlock your car door!" So I did..and to our shock -- the lock clicked open !! I had used my house key to unlock her car door!

  11. Oh, Julie...that's scary! I've heard of car door keys working in other identical makes/models of cars before, but a house key?! Yikes!

  12. How very strange! Glad the keys were found, but I do wonder how they got away!


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