I called the family together and booked a weekend away.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is one of the beautiful places to visit in British Columbia.

Big Pools, and little pools. . . wonderful for the very old. . .and very young.

My beloved is not much for attention or huge gala events directed in his honour.

So . . .we surprised him with a non party.

He thought I was acting a wee bit odd.

We arrived at the resort alone, and nearing dinner time I received a phone call letting me know that the rest had arrived.

"Stuart's calling". . .I said.

How nice of him to call and wish us a wonderful mini vacation.

"let's go for a bit of a walk before dinner". . .I said

"should we go to the room and drop off our towels and get my wallet?" he said

"um, no let's just throw them on our patio". . (ground level by the pool). . I said.

He's thinking this rather strange, since we had talked of going for a nice long walk, picking up some dinner and having it in the gardens at the hotel. It is a bit hard to buy dinner without a wallet. . but he's a good egg and doesn't argue.

So. . we leave the resort. . .I see the kids all walking across the road along side the lake where we will be walking. . .so I look the opposite direction perplexed so that he will look the opposite direction as well. It worked.

We walk along the sidewalk towards the kids. . .he looks right at them. . no recognition.

He's thinking. . .they couldn't be here since Stuart just called on his way home from work. . .

But then. . . .he spots the babies. . .

(he recognizes the ones who are most recent to join the family). . .

And . . .he smiles..

"surprise" . . .I said. . . ."I invited the kids to come join us on our romantic getaway"

"Awesome". . .he says

"I told them it would be your treat" . . .I said

"Awesome" . .he says .. .

And that is where we all were this last weekend .. .

Tomorrow on his birthday, he'll get a proper birthday post.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What a great surprise! How wonderful to have all the family together - especially those little ones! - for such a celebration!

  2. Ahh very sweet! you did good. How wonderful that the weather was great too!

  3. What a wonderful idea! It looks like a beautiful weekend!!!! This is birthday week for us down here -- both our mothers, Baby Cakes, my grandmother, my nephew, an uncle, not to mention our anniversary last week. :) Hope you all have fun continuing the celebration!

  4. awww... what fun!! I love the "look at where I'm looking trick" It works everytime doesn't it ?? smile
    What a beautiful weekend you had! The weather was perfect..and the family together. Can't wish for more !

  5. aww lovella...that is exactly what my dh would want for mhis bd too.
    no fuss, not lots of people, just the ones he loves the most.

    what a wonderful gift.

  6. And the Oscar goes to...Lovella! Sounds like great fun. Happy Birthday to your Sweetie!

  7. Terrific. I am sure you had a most wonderful time. Happy BDay hubby of Lovella!

  8. That is so much fun.
    I think most men prefer the small family setting for their milestones rather than the way women love to party.
    And isn't if fun to keep it a suprise and what a beautiful spot.
    It couldn't be nicer and you're all so close to home.

  9. Such fun!! So glad you could surprise him.

  10. What a great surprise!! That is an ideal location for a little family getaway with babies. The warm pools are perfect!

  11. What a fabulous birthday gift.
    We love Harrison too. I somehow can never get enough. I always want to go back...
    So glad you had such a nice getaway.

  12. What a great idea!! It is the perfect place for every age. Both of you are youthful grandparents. Probably being grandparents helps keep us youthful eh? fun.


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