He's always been very cute!!

His mother said. . . he was always very cute!!!!

Fifty years ago today my beloved eased himself into the world with not much fuss nor bother. His mom says that when her labor started, she jumped off the front porch and headed to the hospital .. and he was born not long after.

He has continued on this path of not being a bother.

A little quiet, a little shy . . .until you know him well.

I'm quite certain I know him better than anyone. . .after all we met when he was but a pup.

At fifteen years of age he declared his love, and at nineteen he proposed and at twenty he was a happily married boy man.

When he was twenty one I made him a Daddy and I repeated that a year and a half later.

Six weeks later he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. . a cancer of the lymph nodes.

After many biopsies and other decidedly not nice things, he was given a round of radiation.

Surviving that, he moaned and groaned that his tummy hurt. . .I took him to the ER where they did tests and declared his appendix ruptured. . . but he lived.

A year or so later, he broke his leg playing baseball and rode his motorcycle home to ask for a ride to the hospital. He enjoyed the summer off, and upon his return to work within the first hour he accidentally stabbed himself in his thigh with a box cutter. . .. . and ended up in pediatrics for the night where his oldest son was occupying a bed after a tonsillectomy.

( he needed surgery and since the hospital was plum full they stuck him in with the kids)

A few years later he broke his wrist skiing and now enjoys feels the folly of his youth.

Thirteen years ago we moved to a farm that was in need of his tender loving care.

He realized his dreams that first year on the farm.

His dream was colorful and included rodents that generally turn up in others nightmares.

He was not easily deterred and after winning the war with the unkempt farm. . .
he took a deep breath.

Hard work and the blessing of the opportunity has paid off and now he happily manages our farm.

My beloved has seen sickness and health,

he has known counting pennies and he has been blessed to have enough.

He is not an old man, nor is he a young man.

He is firmly married to his high school sweetheart.

He has two sons who he admires.

He has two daughters by love who have given him two of the greatest joys in life. . . those darling grand babies.

He is a farmer by occupation and a putter. . er by inclination.

I so hope we grow old older together.
I'd be quite happy to roll out noodles for him the rest of my life.

We've already been so blessed. ..

Lord, bless and keep this man that you have given me. . .

make your face to shine upon him. . .

Have a wonderful day my friends. . .

we've been celebrating little bits here and there all week long and having such fun along the way.


  1. What a place of honor you have given this man of yours........he is truly blessed to have you and all of you have been given such a gift in this quiet, gentle soul.
    happy birthday beloved mr. t
    ooops that is for lovella only..ahem
    happy birthday terry

  2. I think I get to be the first since we are 4 hours ahead here. What a wonderful tribute to your hubby. What a wonderful testimony your marriage is. When we met for tea with the girls and Terry came to take our picture it felt like he was a movie star or something. The girls and I were whispering about how fun it was to see him after hearing so much about him from your blog. Blessings to him on this special day.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that the dulce de leche is made by monks here in our little town. Just some fun trivia. Hope you enjoyed it.


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  4. What a beautiful tribute to a special man! May your many blessings continue!

    Happy Birthday, Terry!

  5. A very happy birthday to your wonderful husband. What a lovely tribute you have given him here. Blessings on all the years God gives him and that God gives you together...

  6. Like his mom said.. he was always cute !! smile
    I LOVE love stories!
    I remember when the extended family first heard ...."Lovella has a boyfriend!" and we all thought... "ohhhh... puppy love!" Who says puppy love isn't real! You proved it is!!

    A very blessed happy Birthday to you, Terry !!!

  7. I was wondering if it was the big one, but I thought that you graduated the same year, so it didn't quite add up. Oh well, good job on celebrating and God's continued blessings on you all!

  8. I liked this post...a lot!

  9. The tenderness and love that is conveyed in your post brought tears to my eyes! You are both so blessed to have each other! Happy birthday to that man of yours!!


  10. Happy, happy, happy birthday to a wonderful man! And compliments to the writer of this great piece!


  11. What a wonderful tribute to the man of your life.
    Congratulations as you continue celebrating.
    Keep enjoying the fountain of youth together. It will make you stronger.

  12. Incredibly lovely post there. Wonderful words and the love shows through each line.

    Happy Birthday to your Husband.

  13. What a lovely tribute, Lovella -- and what hurdles he's had to get over in his life! I pray God continues to bless him with good health and happiness!

  14. oops....Lori T

  15. Happy Birthday to your cutie-pie-honey-bunch!


  16. I love the way you speak of your beloved. I strive for that. You are a model of a loving, supportive wife.

    Wishing blessings on this special birthday!

  17. Lovella, you are so blessed and so is your Terry. Happy Birthday, Terry.

  18. Lovella, what a lovely tribute to your husband! I got all teary-eyed reading about your journey of life together. God is so good.


  19. Such a loving tribute to a truly incredible man, Lovella. Thank you for sharing his story and thereby your own.

    Fifty is the new thirty or so I've heard...enjoy!

  20. Yes he has Lovella...what adorable photos and precious memories of growing up...A lovely tribute to your husband...God has blessed you both...

  21. Happy birthday, Terry! Loved all that you had to say, Lovella. Terry, hope the year ahead is a wonderful one. God Bless!

  22. Happy Birthday to Terry!! Many many blessings to you both.

  23. What a great post! i can't believe all the accidents, etc. that your husband has been through! God has certainly blessed you both and I rejoice with you!

  24. That was a beautiful tribute. You guys are not getting older - you're getting better!
    Funny how times change. I didn't want our kids getting married as young as we did (like you did) but 2 have already. But I don't regret it one bit! And in the case of our sons - their choices are proving true and tested.
    E. from Manitoba

  25. I too love the way that you speak of your beloved. You are encouragement and a beautiful example to me as a young wife. I know your blog says that you have a passion to see marriages thrive, please know that your marriage has been an encouragement to me! Thank you for sharing!
    What a great way to celebrate. Blessings to Terry on his special day!~Amber

  26. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures ...and reading the testimony of your love for him (for each other) speaks volumes and is a wonderful example to those around you and us here in bloggyland.
    BTW - my hubby turned the big '50' last week - had a wonderful time surprising him too! Wish I were as eloquent with words as you :)
    I don't have time to comment often, but still enjoying your blog - so inspiring!

  27. Wow, you really have such a beautiful way of writing and putting your thoughts into words. What a wonderful man you have - and what a wonderful wife you are to him. I also hope you grow much, much older together. You're only half way there you know. :)

  28. Totally, completely, utterly adorable.......the two of you!
    Blessings to your hubby and may the Lord favour him with many more years being loved by you.

  29. One of my favorite parts of this post was when you wrote, "firmly married..." The commitment he has made to you and you to him and both with God is secure. As a young married woman I aspire to be as firmly married as you two are.

    I am pregnant and thus quite emotional, but I think these tears in my eyes mean something. :)




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