Here I Stand

I really wasn't planning on posting today at all .. .just feeling a little dry creatively .. .you might have noticed the stretching of the key issue.

This morning we had someone here on the farm to do the chores for us and we went out to a country bakery for a fresh Strawberry Scone. My beloved is giving our bicycle a wash and we'll be off in a few minutes. I popped in to check emails and read a few blogs. I found Charlotte's post this morning so incredible. Here is a woman I've never met face to face yet I feel she has an understanding of what it is to love a friend.

You must run over and read the poem that she found and has recorded on her new blog. I am struck by her ability to be honest for the better good of us women. She will say what is on her heart but is guided by her love for God. The vast majority of women have a need to be in a community of friends where we feel safety and connection. When my mom was my age, she had two sets of strong friendships. Her strongest connection were her sisters. She also had a group of ladies in church .. the Dorcas Ladies Aid. . they were called. They would quilt together, plan and work towards the annual Mennonite Central Committee Sale and generally meet once a month in the evenings. Now that I really think about it, I'm not entirely sure what they did but they did it regularly and it brought her joy. The times it was hosted at our house she cleaned and baked fit for the queen.

So, then I wonder if in part blogging has taken on a new modern role of the Ladies Aid. I am blessed with several close friends, many friendships that has spanned many years and many acquaintances that perhaps I would feel quite close to if time and circumstances would allow.

I want to send you over to visit Charlotte. Her blog is still so new, but when you go there you will find a waiting friend. You will find a heart that has empathy and a heart that understands that we are all on a journey. She desires to help us in the areas that God has brought her understanding but she is open to learning from us too.

I'm off to see if my bicycle is reading for it's ride. . I'll post a picture of it. . perhaps tomorrow if my creative juices are flowing once again.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I just skipped over to check out Charlotte's post...and what a wonderful picture of how we need each other at all stages of our life. I treasure my friends...old and new!

    I'm looking ofrward to a bicycle post tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the link to Charlotte's blog, and to the great poem.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Clean bike..wonder where you are off to? Have fun!
    I enjoyed Charlotte's post on 'friends'..the poem says it so well.

  4. i don't know what to say...i am actually crying, and i think i have to stop now, hang on while i wipe my tears..........
    k, i'm back, but i can't see what i am typing everything is hazzy with tears......such kind words lovella.......i my self am seeking how to be the friend that God asks me to be, in every aspect of my life......what a privelage to journey together...shucks that we prarie girls are so far apart with all you on the coast.........

  5. Thank you for the link, I just went there and it took my breath away.

    Now I just gotta say a little prayer and give thanks, for all the great friends and great moments in the past, present and future.

    Have a good day.

  6. Love the generosity of Blogdom...I'll be sure to visit Charlotte very soon! Thanks for the link.

  7. Oh is firstly hard to imagine you without a creative moment. But even so you take time to keep us all informed with your wonderful posts. Great idea to go biking and a strawberry scone sounds like a welcome treat at the end of it all.

    Love that Charlotte...isn't she refreshing! Glad she finally joined the world of blogdom! Can't wait to see your post tomorrow.

  8. Lovella, thank you for referring us over to Charlotte's blog - that poem is a treasure, and so is Charlotte.

    I agree with you, this blogdom is in many ways the new women's group where friends meet and share and encourage each least I've found it to be so.

    Don't worry, you know those creative moments will return. I'm in a sort of lull too, spending more time at the moment on my other blog with photo challenges....


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