Happy Canada Day

This Afternoon after the chores are done. . . .my beloved and I will lower the tattered and worn flag from last year.. . .fold it up and burn it privately. .. the new flag, bright and clean will be hoisted up the flag pole and I'll sing Oh Canada.
This year we have two new Canadians in our family. Little Canadians who have yet to taste their first strawberry warm fresh from the patch, with dust on their toes.

I am especially thankful this year with the two new little Canadians .. . for a land that is free. I can teach them to sing "Jesus Loves Me". . . and all the other little Sunday School songs without fear of being hauled off to jail for speaking my faith.
I am especially thankful this year with the two new little Canadians. . .for a land that has plenty of food. . . this causes me to wonder and be more concerned with those little children who are hungry when they go to bed.

I am especially thankful this year with the two new little Canadians for a land that has health care. . . and education .. . and clean water. . ..
I am especially thankful this year with the two new little Canadians for the family and friends that we have all over Canada. . . .
They say it takes a village to raise a child . .. I am so thankful that our new little Canadians have each another set of grandparents who I know will speak love and truth into their lives.

Happy Canada Day to all my friends. . .
Oh. . .and the flag raising ceremony. . . countryside style. Take #1.


  1. I'm glad to be the first to wish you Happy Canada Day!!

    And I'm thanking the Lord, along with you, for all the blessings we enjoy as Canadians.

  2. Happy Canada Day to you and yours, Lovella, and a hearty "Amen" for all the blessings and freedoms we Americans share, whether we be Canadian or "from the States."

    Praise be to God!

  3. Those pies look amazing! I was kind of expecting the recipe to follow and then I realized this is not the blog! =) We've enjoyed strawberry pie these days too and I was thinking how it should be our Canada Day Pie because of the colors, especially with whipped cream on top. Happy Day to you too!

  4. happy canada to all the readers. i echo the words of gratitude for living in our amazingly free land...thankyou God.......yummo, look at those pies.......

  5. The older I get, I realize how thankful we are. As you said, we get to raise these new little Canadians with freedom of faith.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. What a great post. Even though I live in "the states" I can appreciate your love of country.
    Your strawberries are gorgeous. I would be thrilled to be able to pick such beautiful fruit from my own backyard. And, can I just say that I think I gained 5 lbs. just looking at those beautiful pies. Did you make them? Wow!!!
    Enjoy your day.

  7. Wishing you a wonderful day of celebration and time for reflection...loved the thoughts you shared today.

    Boy, you just don't know how much I could've used a shopping companion yesterday. :D

    I really like your idea...why not? It'd be fun! Is Kathy willing?

  8. That last picture should be in a magazine or newspaper...
    Proud to be a friend of a Proud Canadian!

  9. Happy Canada Day to you and yours Lovella. I'll be up in a couple hours for some of that strawberry, rasberry Pie??
    Yikes it looks good! Blessings....

  10. Happy Canada Day Lovella. What a blessing, your two little new Canadians! And your patriotic burning of the flag and putting up the new....touching. Have a special day...hope that recipe for pie is to follow.

  11. Happy Canada Day to you too, Lovella! I just had a wonderful Canada Day celebration here in Germany with the Canadian BFA staff and a work team that has joined us for 2 weeks from Alberta, B.C., and Sask. It was so nice be with them and they even brought Tim's coffee!! What a treat :) I also echo your sentiments about living a free country. What a blessing...

  12. Oh those pies look so good..fresh strawberries too!
    Happy Canada Day to you and yours, Lovella!!
    Went to the museum this afternoon and wow..got a little choked up as we all 'belted out' our anthem Oh Canada!
    In the evening we're off to watch fireworks!

  13. My mouth is watering with the pictures of those berries!!! Did you make those pies??? Did you grow the berries??? Yum, yum, yum!!!

  14. Lovella...No doubt about it...you are mightily blessed...Happy Canada Day!....I love your post...nicely done :)

  15. Your berries look fabulous! Happy Canada Day.

  16. Oh, I took one look at those pies and I know where you've been... Ken, Liam and I took a little drive over to that pretty berry farm on Monday and our mouths were watering!!! Happy belated Canada day!

  17. Okay, I am procrastinating! I just had to take a look at what life looks like. You make a mighty nice picture! I'll resurface again some time!

  18. Happy Canada Day! Loved the video --- and hearing you sing "O Canada" was wonderful.



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