Goose Berries and Ironing

Yesterday I saw a beautiful basket of red Gooseberries at the farm bakery that we had coffee at in the morning. I thought about how my mom made Gooseberry Moos and I always turned up my nose. It seemed like a given that I would buy the basket take it home and make a recipe of Goose Berry Moos. This was not a recipe I requested from her so I thought I would take a quick peek on the Internet to see if I could find a recipe. Imagine my surprise when I found a recipe hidden within the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. I had not remembered that Charlotte had already posted the recipe since it was added underneath another recipe. So . . .if you check the MGCC blog today .. .you will find the Gooseberry Moos in it's own post. .Charlotte's recipe .. .with a picture. Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog .. .

I love crisp white cotton clothes. . . ironing them .. . not so much.

Fantastic news. . .I have a new Iron and my ironing has taken on a new enthusiasm.

Always keep horizontal it lifts slightly when not touched and when the hand touches the handle it drops back down to do its magic.

We never did make it for our bike ride yesterday. The lawns were mowed, the oil was changed on the tractor .. .and I ironed. A little gooseberry moos preceded by Brick Flattened Grilled Chicken and we called it a day.

The weeks go so fast .. .don't they? The weekend is here again and I plan to spend it outdoors .. .

See you on Monday my friends.


  1. HA! Lori and I just saw that same iron demonstration yesterday at Costco...If the boys can have all the latest gadgets, why can't we! right?

  2. Imagine that! I just told Doc two days ago that I thought my wonderful old Rowenta iron was on its last legs. I'll have to check out this iron. I dislike ironing, too, but a good iron always makes it just a little bit better.

    I don't believe I've ever seen red gooseberries before.

  3. neat....Lovella, ironing and goosberries....not to mention Charlotte's posting. I am transported back to my mother's kitchen

  4. they really do fly by, those weeks. Have a great weekend wearing those pretty white things!
    Oh and I do plan to post the brisket recipe, I always need extra time to work with blogger edit page :0) but I will persevere...

  5. that tart fruit! It is also good in perishky.
    Ironing..what is that?? hehe

  6. Now I know what a gooseberry looks like.

    Remembering the chiding Anne gave to Catherine with a C ...calling her a Anne of Avonlea.

  7. Awwww, here's the picture of the gooseberries. I spoke too soon in my other post (question). Thank you!

    Your new iron is a beauty. And the crisp white clothes romantic and lovely. Have a happy week-end!


  8. I think you just set the women's liberation movement back forty years.

  9. I've been looking for that perfect iron for years. I love to press those cottons, but I want them to be crisp and non-wrinkle looking.
    Guess who will be doing some research?
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Dear Annoymus . .
    I would like to take a moment to thank you for your comment . . . just a moment .. I need to stop scrubbing the toilet. .. there now ..
    love it .. thank you. . .made me laugh!!!

  11. Do I have time for a quick trip to Costco? Hubby has been asking when I am going there to stock up on our favorite bean salad...maybe I'll come home with an iron as well. That's the thing about Costco...I find far too many items I need!

    The gooseberries I recall were totally green...these look more appetizing and also a nicer colour for your moos. Gooseberry moos was my Grandma's specialty...and something I wrinkled my nose at. However, I would love to have a little dish of yours/Charlotte's...looks yummy!

  12. What a timely post! I just noticed the other day that the iron I have had since before I was married (which means it's close to 30 years old!) was leaking - and thought it was time to check out a new model. Hmm.......since I have to go to Costco today anyways, I may have to check this thing out!
    Perhaps you should start taking commissions!!
    Have a great weekend and I look forward to your post again on Monday.
    Lori T

  13. Brick Flattened Grilled that a new technique..I have some bricks laying around not doing anything this weekend..

  14. gooseberries remind me of grapes. i'm not sure i've ever had a gooseberry before.

    and spending time outdoors IS a glorious thing!


  15. I'm with you on the ironing not so much thing. It seems so time consuming only to be wrinkled again in a matter of minutes. That iron sounds delightful! I can see how something like that might aid in ironing motivation.
    And as far as women's lib goes - same as the ironing, not so much. :) I guess I'm a little old fashioned. Loved your comment. :)

  16. Goose berry moos... Vic's favorite and I have learned to like it too.. although not as a child!

    Love that iron ! I'll have to check it out, although I have a good commercial gravity feed iron that I love but I always have a second iron and I think I am going to put that one on my 'want' list!

  17. If you say that a fancy new iron makes it all worthwhile... I hate to iron!

    My grandfather dearly loved gooseberries. It was a taste that I never cultivated. Maybe I should try again.

  18. That cracks me up! My mom was watching the demo yesterday while we were at Costco as well and we complained about our irons all the way back to our vehicles! Maybe I should encourage her to get it and just 'borrow' it :)

  19. iron and I have no relationship- I plan to keep it that way ;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  20. love it.... Annoymus..hahhahah... good one Lovella..... isn't it usually the way? If they want to be annoying...they do it under cover of anonymous.....

  21. I, too, enjoyed Anonymous' comment! I LOVE to iron. I know that is odd but as a wife and mother, so much of what I do seems to get "undone" shortly after doing it. Ironing clothes, taking something wrinkled and making it beautiful again, gives me a lot of satisfaction.

    The thing that makes me completely ignore the women's liberation movement is that they only support women who want to have a non traditional life. A true women's movement by the women and for the women would support us all, in whatever path we choose.

    Your iron is beautiful. I always enjoy taking pleasure in being able to own such things. They seem simple to some but think of how many people in the world would LOVE to have one!
    Christy Jordan

  22. I don't love ironing, but I love the results and I appreciate a good iron. I often see people wearing clothing that would have looked much better with a little press. I sure enjoy your blog :D


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