I bought this little tub last summer to keep our drinks on ice for parties. . .
Forget the drinks .. .
There is nothing like sipping on a cool drink in the pool.
Oh .. . .I love summer fun.
Have a wonderful day my friends .. . .
it's date day and we're off to the city. . .
I'll bring my camera ..
of course.


  1. Waaay too cute!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Oh-how perfect is that. :0)

  3. aww... the bathtub on the lawn... such a timeless pleasure! no modern technology has touched it!
    Such a sweetie you have !

    Enjoy your day, Lovella. It is certainly a gorgeous one !!!

  4. Oooohhhh ... that is just the sweetest picture! Love it. Enjoy your day in the city.

  5. Oh do have fun....See...the City folk head your way for fun and you head the City way. prepared for HEAT! Last day of it though...

    By the by...thanks for all your hard work MGCC. Looks very good. (one note...I would love to but I cannot take credit for the baked apples...that goes to Linda. Thx.)

  6. that is so adorable!
    you know that i still have memories of my oma doing that for me when i was little, in a big metal tub, drinking kool-aid out of an old glass 7-up bottle. i know that i was still pre-schooler. your grandbabies are so blessed to have such an amzing grammie!!
    have fun in the big city!

  7. great idea! I saw some cute tubs like that the other day... I should grab one- dual purpose! I hear from his auntie that he is one very busy little boy!

  8. one can look at that cutie-pie without smiling!

    Have a fun day!!

  9. what a great picture! very cute :)

  10. Oh my goodness...he is just adorable in that little tub...a sweet keeper photo:)

  11. That is just too cute Lovella! I'm looking forward to next summer when Emma can enjoy playing in the water with her toys :)
    I love looking at your photographs... very beautiful!

  12. What a chillin day!
    I think we're all ready to jump in the tub with him.

  13. So sweet! Babies are better than bottles.

    Happy Canada Day to you!

  14. You went off to the city, too? So did I!

    What a far higher calling your sweet little bucket has...such a cute pic.

    Still hot, eh?

  15. Love that pic..what a way for the little one to cool off. You are such a wonderful grammie!

  16. So great! What a cute picture.


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