the bath mat

The newly acquired bath mat.
How clever of me that I could consider the youngsters for the need,
and indeed slip and slides belongs outdoors.
Suggested but once by the young mom,
I hastened to purchase it for the sake of the littlest ones in need of a bath.
My knees will thank me for the firm footing.
No more slips and slides for this grammie.
I have but one slightly tarnished and bruised set of knees,
I'd be wise to watch my step.
I'm good to go.
Bath mats for the very young. . and the very somewhat old.
Have a wonderful day my friends . . .


  1. Too Funny. We did that for so many years and like I said, I guess we have figured out that we are not 29.

    Just keep slippin' and sliddin' with those kids. They will remember that most.

  2. Good for you Lovella..for your knees that is! And of course for the little ones. Those mats are necessary.
    I'm going for a haircut need to have my roots looked at.. it's all grey! hehe

  3. You might have slightly tarnished knees but your back must be made of "cast iron with a hinge" to be giving baths to the wee ones there. I give my grands their baths in the kitchen sink and am ever so grateful for the big old farm sink every single time.

    Have a great day, Lovella!

  4. Ha! Just so that mat has a grippy bottom cuz you know why they call throw rugs, throw rugs don't ya? Cuz they throw ya!! sorry couldn't help myself. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. How cute!

    One slip in the tub was enough for me...I completely agree with you!

  6. We redid our bathroom with ceramic tile - mats are a must especially when wet. I did the splits on it once. ouch...

  7. Awwww, come on --- no 'old' yet, instead we are 'just right'. :)

    Love the bath mat. I may have to consider one.


  8. bath mats ARE necessary. SAVE THE KNEES! (:


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