Baker, blueberries and buns

I never grow tired of seeing Mount Baker from all the different angles. We went for a drive on Friday and I popped the camera out the sun roof and took this at full speed. I laughed .. .since I was firmly buckled in. He said. . ."did you get it?" I said. . "we'll find out later". Always frosted with snow. . .truly one of God's most amazing works of art.
I've been mulling so many things over in my mind lately. About blogging, about friendships, and really about my faith and how that looks. . .day to day. I want to talk more about that this week, but it's Monday and I'll start out a little less complicated.

Let's talk about the blueberries. . .have you seen any fresh ones yet? I moseyed over to the field next door and came home with a small basket.

And then I made these. Blueberry crumble buns. . .We used to have a Bread Garden in town. . .and I had one of these nearly every week. Well, it was different. .it had more a croissant dough .. but no matter .. I tried to copycat it on Saturday and I think they are quite good. Run on over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook. . to see how they look when they come out of the oven.

Come back tomorrow. . maybe I'll get into some of the things that I've been mulling over. .. let's start with my faith. . or maybe the friendships.. . .I'll have to sleep on it. . .

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Definitely will be checking that recipe out. We just finished strawberry season here and the blueberries are not quite ready.

    Mt. Baker certainly is beautiful!

    Lovella, I have something for you at my blog. Even as I am typing this, I remember that you don't do awards, but no matter, just so you know that I think your blog is great!

  2. I love how Baker looks, too, and that it can be seen from so far. When we visited my brother in Bellingham, I remember his instructions to keep us from getting directionally turned around...put Baker at your back and the water will be ahead. Funny how that thought always pops into my head when I see photos of Mt. Baker. I have lots of memories of playing in the snow in July on that visit, too!

    The recipe sounds so yummy...I've been enjoying blueberries a lot lately!

  3. Hi Lovella - Kathy was boasting about your blog ages ago and after many tries I finally was able to find it. It's a great looking blog. I made a version of your blueberry crumble buns a long time ago - also inspired by the ones at the Bread Garden. I'm looking forward to trying your recipe.
    Kathy asked if I would like to join your Mennonite Girls can cook blog and If that's alright with you I'd love to. It's a gorgeous blog and I'll be sending it off to my daughter "toot sweet" as the French would say. :)
    Bev K

  4. Lovella...I am totally convinced that you and the Mennonite girls that cook eat better than anyone :) the blueberry buns sound wonderful...and to have blueberries growing nearby...heavenly!

  5. Ha! A girl after my own heart snapping photos at full speed ahead! I'm clicking over to get my stomach growling at MGCC...

  6. Looking forward to your posts this week Lovella...sounds interesting. Thanks for the recipe at MGCC. Yum!

  7. By the way...did you do something new on the MGCC blog....or have I been not paying attention. I like the 'email a friend' item...did I miss you putting that in there?

  8. Trish .. yes the email feature is new this weekend.

  9. I can see you flying through the flats with your sun roof open and snapping pictures. You have a twin.
    That's how I took pictures coming home from Whistler.
    How much fun.
    Curious to know what you are musing about this week.
    I'm off to get some fresh raspberries.
    Blueberries are next.

  10. Bev K and I go back along way.
    Interesting how small this world is.

  11. Haven't had a fresh blueberry yet this year. Soon! Looking forward to your thoughts this week. Kathy

  12. Mm mmm I love blueberries! Two more weeks or so and we'll be enjoying them - along with raspberries.

    I enjoy your Mt Baker pictures - we have no mountains here.We went to school in Switzerland and I loved them!!

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts this week!

  13. My friends own a blueberry ranch so I have fresh berries almost every day all year long! I'll pass this recipe along to them as they're always looking for ways to use their berries and encourage others to do so too.

    All the Cascade Mountains peaks are incredible. As we drive north from Los Angeles on Hwy 5 we love passing each other and admiring each for its own unique silhouette!

  14. When I read Baker and blueberries I was sure you had gone to Baker for the wild blueberries.. although they would not be ripe yet!
    Blueberries are the only berry I don't like (its a shame because I hear it's good for the brain!) but the wild ones are soooo delicious. On the fields of Mt.Baker you can lie down and just eat them to your heart's content... um.. make that stomach !!

    I'll be back to read the written output of your 'ponderings'.

  15. Oh the blueberry rolls look good! Never thought of doing something like that, but it sounds very tempting! I enjoy the Cooking blog with each new update. EVerything looks so good and I'm so glad that pictures are always included.

  16. Now that looks wonderful, Lovella. I never tried the Bread Basket version...but these look like they can't be beat! I have eaten the first few blueberries on my bushes...and have them covered to keep the birds away...and once I have more than a few, I shall try this out.

    So glad to see Bev joining us in our on-line cookbook! She has wonderful recipes...I can vouch for that.

  17. Lovella;

    Your pictures are just beautiful. You keep getting better and better with your photography!

    The blueberries are almost ready here in CT...I will take the troops and go a-berry pickin'

    hugs to you;
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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