the scent of the garden

To wander outside when the thought occurs is freedom. . .
to be enveloped by the scent of my Abraham Darby rose at the fence. .
is sheer delight.
If they bottled this fragrance, I'd wear it.

Moving to my perennial bed, the Japanese Peony and Victorian Salvia are nearly in sync.

The Gertrude Jekyll rose . . .is as always full and vigorous in its many blossoms.

I have vases of pink peonies tucked throughout the house.
Have you ever smelled a peony before?
A few years ago .. I was in Banana Republic. . trying on their scents.
I fell in love with the peony scent and later in the day we walked back to purchase it.
I looked at the bottle once more and smiled at my beloved. .. .
I said. . "it's room fragrance"
He said. . "so?"
I said. . " I can't wear room fragrance"
I didn't buy it that day. . but today my house is filled with the fragrance of peonies.
We're off on a bit of adventure today.
We are helping in setting up a staging for a travel trailer brochure.
How fun is that?
Oh. . .now if the weather would just hold.
For our lunch. . .I've packed up a few jars of borscht. . .
and some of Judy's meat buns. . .

Want to come?
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. i would be delighted to join you for borscht and meat buns, however work is calling me..........i love you peonies, i could almost smell them, it would be great to have a scratch and sniff computer...=)

  2. I'd love to join you as well Lovella..I think I can smell that wonderful picnic lunch!
    I usually find ants on my peony flowers so not good to bring them indoors.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. I once worked with a lady who brought huge bouquets of peonies to work. I will never forget that heavenly smell.

    Enjoy your day,

  4. I want to walk around those flowers and smell them in person. Gorgeous!!

  5. anonymous was me..clicked on the wrong thingee...

  6. Borscht and meat buns...sounds so good! The flowers are so pretty - you do a great job with your camera!

    Enjoy your day - it sounds very interesting!

  7. I'd come for the lunch...but wouldn't stay long with this weather! Have a fun day.

    Your peonies are beautiful! I'll have to go our and sniff mine...I didn't really know they were fragrant.

  8. That Japanese peony is something else! I've never seen one more gorgeous! Yes, I'll tag along if you don't mind. ;D

  9. love the flowers!! they are beautiful!

  10. Oh the flowers are just stunning! Can't wait until I get some peonies to plant. I thought about trying to find a peony perfume -- I'd never seen one. Guess I nkow where to look if I really decide to buy some -- although maybe I'd be smelling like a beautiful room. :)

  11. Hi Lovella,
    I've been reading your blog for a few months now and just wanted to say that you inspire me every day with the beauty you share - both from inside you and of your surroundings! Thank you for that! And I'd love to taste that borscht. My mom makes a wicked zumma (summer) borscht. The kind with buttermilk, sour cream, ham and potatoes. Mmmmm.
    ps. I've passed along your "mennonite girls can cook" blog to several of my mennonite aunties and friends.

  12. Lovella, "good heavenly day" what beautiful flowers are growing in your garden :) one more beautiful than the other.....I wish we could grow Peonies here.

  13. Lovella, what beautiful flowers! And what adventures you get into! How did you end up becoming a stager for a travel trailer photo shoot? How fun! I want to hear all about it! I have a close friend who is a professional 'stager', but of homes.

    I hope your day was wonderful!

  14. Oh, I've been deprived! I've never smelled a peony...I must go look for some.

  15. Lovella, you have taken more hits than Mike Tyson. What a pleasant surprise to meet you today, confirming that you are a real person, and where else but where all the Winners hang out! (I mean blog hits, of course)

  16. Your peonies are gorgeous - I just counted 44 buds on the bush outside our door! They will probably open next week - if we get some sun...

    Make sure you enter some favourite books Lovella - seeing that you are responsible for solving the mystery!


    Open invitation to any children's book lovers or Anne of Green Gables fans!

  17. You have such lovely pics....and even lovelier wonderful your yard must be.


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