Saturday peek 06/08-14 2008

Fathers Day 2008.

I celebrate the three men in my life who are Dad's.

My beloved has been such a wonderful example to his sons.

He loves his sons and has always worked hard to give them a good life.

He has taught them to love God. . and to have integrity.

He has taught them that after hard work comes time to play

He demonstrates his love often by helping them in their homes and in their yards.

Our sons became Dad's this year . .
Seeing the faces of their little ones light up when they see their Daddy's is incredible.

They are grown men who don't mind looking silly to earn a giggle.
We see how they desire to be the best Daddy's they can be.
What a joy to see . . .
Dad's. . .sons. . and a grampa.

I'm proud to be the woman who chose the first one. .

and proud to be the mom to the other two. ..
and delighted to see the grampa learn his role.

I also remember my Dad and Dad in law. .

and thank God for wonderful memories.

Blessings on my guys. .

have a wonderful day . .
I have Kathleen's Cinnamon Buns rising. . oh such soft dough. . .

tomorrow. . we're heading to a car show .


  1. What a lovely tribute to your men! Is the car show part of celebrating 'Father's Day'..your man will enjoy that!
    Our family is gathering at our house tomorrow for a meal and some good times together as we celebrate 'our Dads'.

  2. What a sweet post! very nicely put!

  3. I think all of our thoughts are focused on the men in our lives.
    Great way to capture them all together. I know you are humble inside, but his is your life Lovella.

  4. Awww... what a beautiful heritage to pass on to the 'littlest' generation.
    And you are an inspiration !!
    Thank you!
    God's blessings on your Father's Day celebrations !!

  5. Your collage says it all. Beautiful. You have a way with words Lovella. Happy Father's Day to your men in your life.

  6. You are blessed, Lovella. Have a fun day...

  7. Oh my Goodness.
    I forgot to go out of your site.

  8. Fantastic tribute! Loved seeing all the photos in your collage.

  9. Count your blessings my sweet indeed are blessed. How wonderful that both your sons are now fathers.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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