Saturday peek 06/01-07 2008

Yellow is one of my favorite colors ..
oh .. and guess what color my grad dress is?
It seems that your prom dresses have long since left the building. . so to speak.
If any of you want to post your grad dress on Monday .. do let me know. . I'd love to see yours.
Also, if any of you who still don't have a blog would like to email me a picture of you in yours. .
then and now or .. .just then ..
I will post that too.
So, yesterday I began the "Mennonite girls can cook". . blog.
If you feel like you have an interest in mennonite cooking and would like to join. . please check out the link and leave a comment on that blog.
The recipes may be slow in coming at first since some of the contributors are beginners.
I am so pleased to be able to help them get going. .
first it is recipes and then ..
their own personal blogs won't be far behind.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. lovella, no color makes me as happy as yellow, especially in flowers.........just looking at your collogue made me feel i needed that.

  2. you are indeed talented and I look forward to that rather complicated looking collage each week.

    I hope your garden grows well in this rain and produces all the yellow you need to keep you inspired and photo happy.

    Chow for now

  3. What a beautiful collage...

  4. First the purple and now the yellow, such happy colors. I love your collages Lovella, very eye catching!!
    Now us Menno gals need to scramble and make sense of those recipes that say a bit of this and a bit of that and when we bake bread or buns we go by the 'feel' of the dough. How do you explain that in words?? hehe

  5. Will be checking in on Monday to see your yellow dress. I adore yellow, but can't wear it.

    My graduation dress was a lavender gingham affair that my mother made. I may have a photo someplace, but I hope not! LOL!

  6. Love your collages Lovella! I also enjoy reading your blog and getting a lot of inspiration from you! I don't think we live that far away from eachother either!
    Have a great day!

  7. Hmmmmm, I am sitting here, trying to remember what my grad dress even looked like. I'm slowly remembering a soft pink floral printed dress --- I'm not sure I even have it any more. Maybe I have a picture? It's been a long time!

    I'm looking forward to your new cooking blog!


  8. A cooking helpfully fun.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. Wow! The yellow pictures are so beautiful! I just love the teacup. I don't look good in yellow, so I really haven't thought much about it until recently when I realized how bright and cheery it really is -- I decided accents of it here and there around the house would be a good idea and maybe someday I'll do a room in it.

  10. Beautiful collage...with sunny colours. Just what we need on these 'less than sunny' days!

  11. I'm back to say I like your new 'yellow' profile picture. Could it possibly be your grad gown? Oh my goodness!

  12. I will look forward to reading the recipes!

  13. What a delightful idea...the whole grad dress thing! For the life of me I can't remember at all what dress I wore! I'm going to have to dig through some old pictures to see what I can come up with! I know there are pictures of me in the whole cap and gown thing, but I honestly think I wore shorts under that thing 33 years ago! LOL! I was such a rebel! LOL! Gonna have to check into that!


  14. Lovella,
    I checked out your mennonite food blog, how I love it, so familiar, so true for my family, I am fifth generation Canadian on my dad's side and 2nd generation on my mom's side (my mom came from Russia in 1926) Your blog is delightful and always a boost in my day! Also, I am feeling inspired by you to start a blog. I have been encouraged before but need to know the timing.
    Kathy from Mb

  15. Yellow is such a happy color!

    I have searched for a photo of my high school grad dress (white sprigged with small flowers) to no avail (so far). I know I have some photos somewhere...still searching.

    I did locate my ninth grade grad dress photo (white) and my college grad dress photo (blue), however!

    I may post those tomorrow anyway...

  16. I can't afford to go away anymore.
    I'm missing too much fun in Blogland.

    Some great ideas and isn't it fun to figure out how to include others?

    Way to go Lovella.. and guess what?
    "It didn't rain for two days in Whistler." We got the biking in till the battery went dead....

  17. Forgot something!! I was out to plunge into something yellow for spring.
    I thought Yellow was a great color till my friend who is a nurse said, It reminds her of body fluids.
    Gross eh?
    So now I'm being careful...

  18. I love your yellows! Thanks for showing us how to make a picture grid. I am having waaaay to much fun doing that!




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