the ride to Sturgis

Judy is hosting a travel at home and abroad week. You must run over to her blog and see her wonderful travels to Europe and then click onto her links at the end of her post to travel with all her friends.
The most interesting trip that we have taken is on the back of our VStar 1100 Yamaha.
In 2004 my beloved made a trailer using a tote, bicycle wheel and a hitch.
We loaded a tent, or sleeping bags and a few essential clothes and off we went.
We travelled with two other couples approximately 7000 kilometers to Sturgis and back.

Most nights we camped. . . except for the days that we had chased storms.
The one day after being chased by thunder and lightening and hail. . .
us girls put our heads together and pointed to a motel. . .
with a bath tub.

The scenery was amazing.
From the flat plains to the high mountains. . the view from the back of a bike is the best.

Giving our bottoms a break now and then was important. .
often this happened at a Dairy Queen.
We entered the US through Idaho, stopped at Waterton Glacier National Park. . which was simply amazing. We biked the Road to the Sun which was built during the depression.
We survived the ride to Ennis Montana where I was certain I would die in the storm.
I poked Terry numerous times, asking if we shouldn't stop. . .apparently it's better to ride than be a bump on the side of the road where lightening can spot us and the hail can drive us into the ground.
We went to Yellowstone National Park in Montana and saw Old Faithful do his thing.
We passed through Cody Wyoming where we saw a rodeo and Jackson Hole where there are shoot outs in the town square everyday for the tourists.

We rode up through the Big Horn Mountains where the snow was still on the ground and we coasted down the hill for a half hour .. me praying and Terry making use of the down slopes when we were nearly out of gas.
We arrived at Sturgis and saw more bikes than I could have ever imagined.
The mornings were spent in town seeing the sights and before the party crowd woke up.
The afternoons were spent seeing the areas close by.
Mt. Rushmore and Kicking Horse canyon are ticked off my list.
Terry shook the hand of Larry the famous bike maker who was dead before the annual Sturgis ride was done. . .
That felt a bit odd to hear on the news.
The benefits to a motorbike trip are so unique.
The scenery is all around you.
The air is unique around every corner.
Driving through the farm lands and through the sage brush and then into the forested mountains might have all happened in one day.
The trip was further enjoyable because we travelled with good friends.
It felt safe travelling in a pack and even better since our friends had travelled these roads before and so we had experienced tour guides for free.
Most nights the camp was set up only to be dismantled in the morning.
The year was exceptionally cold with some of the nights going as low as 39 F.
The last few days we split up. .
one couple heading to Calgary to see their kids. .
the second couple heading another direction to check on a job . .
and we headed straight to a motel. .
I never did figure out why this town dropped the A from their name.
Thank you Judy for giving us the opportunity to revisit the holidays we have loved.
I will never forget this one. . .
lots of shivering. . .
lots of eating. . (we didn't pack pots and pans)
lots of laughing. .
lots of sharing .. . .
and lots of memories that we'll enjoy together.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh this looks like one of those trips with so many unique experiences and memories. "Remember the night...."
    Love it. The photos are just grand...

  2. "Trip of a life time"

    What an amazing adventure, and aren't you glad you did it when you were still young...just a couple years ago.

    Man, it makes me want to jump on the back of a bike and go too.

  3. Lovella, never would've imagined that you are this adventurous, but it sure looks as if it was the trip of a lifetime. Would you strike out tomorrow and do it all over again? Shame on that town for dropping the "a."

  4. I was kinda wondering if you would post about this wild and wonderful trip we did. was so cold that year. Our first year we baked in the heat. You are right it was a trip to remember. We will pack up those trailers again and head out on the road one of these days. All the work that the guys went to with building us trailers for our stuff. It would be a shame not to fill them up again. Such good memories. I enjoyed seeing the pictures you posted. Kathy

  5. What a GREAT trip!! My husband crashed his motorcycle last summer, but is looking to get a new one this year so that we can do trips like you did! Looks like so much fun - thanks for sharing it.


  6. Now that's a trip that says 'wow' to me...I've never even had a ride on a motorcycle. Thanks for sharing, Lovella. Hey what's up with dropping the 'a' on that looks all wrong!!

  7. Now that is a trip of a lifetime! I know that is a very long way to ride on the back of a bike bike...since we did almost exactly the same route in the summer of 2005! We travelled with a pick-up and camper, no wind blowing in my face! I can't even imagine sitting on a bike for that long. Did you hit any windstorms in Wyoming? We also stopped by Sturgis...just to see the masses of bikes.

    Great adventure, Lovella...thanks for taking us on your trip!

  8. Something new again! Do you still ride bikes? I have my motorbike license, but my bike burned...
    I could hardly imagine you on the bike with your manicured nails....
    Anyways it sounds like you had fun, but I sure prefer the motel idea.
    It's amazing the memories that friends bring along eh?
    I'm looking for Sturgis on the internet. Maybe I need to broaden my experience.

  9. What a fun trip. It would have definitely appealed to The Professor!

  10. Vee .. .not on a chilly day .. but perhaps when the weather was say .. 75 F. . yes I certainly would.
    Kathy .. .ah .. such good times. . good memories. . eh?
    Marg. . oh yes we still have the bike but I'm waiting for a warm day to get on.

    Judy. . windstorms? I don't think we had any severe wind storms. . more the thunder and hail.

  11. No etsy shop yet. I have an etsy account. I own two websites and am planning to put some things up on them for sale and instruction. After we return from our big trip (we'll be back in July). I'm just too busy finishing school and getting ready for traveling.

  12. That was a brave adventure. Good for you. Looked a little scary.

  13. Ohhh.. brave you !!
    Half the fun is in the remembering, isn't it? What stories to tell your grandkids!

  14. what great images and memories. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Isn't it fun to look back and reminisce about a great trip? Almost as much fun as the trip itself! What a daring person you were to hop on that bike for so many adventures!

  16. What a fantastic trip! Isn't the Going to the Sun Road wonderful scenery? It makes me a nervous wreck to drive it, but the views are breathtaking.

  17. Sorry it has taken me so long to come over to see your trip -- it was amazing! I've never rode om a motorcycle but I bet it's so much fun to see the west that way!

    Pat in NY

  18. Oh my, you are a brave woman!!!!!!!!!

    My husband would love it, if I were willing to try this mode of travel...the scenery sounds lovely, but couldn't I enjoy that via a convertible. hehehe

  19. I LOVE this trip. Such a great thing to do. I'd love to take a bike trip some day ... oh, I'll have to look into getting a bike first. :)

  20. Sturgis is going to be crazy and awesome this year! It’s awesome that you guys made that journey I’m sure that your bum does get a little sore after awhile, but the scenery looks so beautiful.
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    Ride Safe.
    Gia Anderson
    Brand Ambassador


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