playing house camping

The view out our front window is at it's most beautiful now.
The raspberry fields are in blossom and freshly plowed.
The raspberry recipes won't be far behind.
The different trees planted on the hill in the distance provides a spectacular backdrop for the perfectly straight rows of berries.
God's creation and man's hard work provides me with a pastoral view.
Well, that's it. . .I'm ready to go camping.
Yesterday we participated in some pretend camping .. . and now I long for the real deal.
The weather forecast looked pretty dismal so the trek to the lake didn't happen.
We stayed much closer to home. . and gave it a trial run.
The campfire had me hungry for a wiener roast . ..
the display bed perfectly turned down had me feeling sleepy. ..
the table set up for two .. had me hankering for a indoor picnic.. . .
Who doesn't love camping.. especially like this?
I don't know if anyone else will be convinced to camp in our beautiful country ..
but we are already looking forward to going to the mountains again this summer. . .

Today was pretending. . .
it's good to make believe once in awhile. .


  1. Now that looks like my kind of camping!!

  2. i agree with ellen b.......that is my kinda camping.....i love camping especially in the mountains. we love going to fairmont hotsprings and radium, hopefully we can go there again someday not to far in the future.
    enjoy the real thing!

  3. Funny. I was driving out "in the country" when I noticed how nice the raspberry fields were looking and thought about you for some reason. (smile) You're ingraining some appreciation for some new things in us. I just remember not liking the berry fields too much as a teen-ager.
    Have fun camping, whenever you go!

  4. It never takes much to convince me to go camping! Is that your lovely rag quilt I see next to the campfire, Lovella? Is it smelling a little smokey today?

  5. That looks such fun. My first experience of camping was with the Girl Guides, in bell tents, with beetles. Not fun!

  6. I could enjoy camping 'your style' too !!
    I made reservations yesterday for my yearly 'duty camping'. Smile !
    I love your view.. and my mouth is watering for raspberries !! Mmmmm...
    but they will be late this year. Last year I got my raspberries fresh from the field the first week in July !

  7. What a gorgeous view out your front window!

    That certainly is a familiar-looking quilt draped across the chair next to the camper!

  8. ah, camping! i haven't gone in such a long time and that's all we did when i was younger. every weekend our parents would pack us up and we head out to the lake! such good memories!

  9. Was this sort of like when you pretended to be a TV weatherman?

    Pretend careers are the best!

  10. Yes, Jill it was a lot like that. I seem to enjoy these gigs don't I?

  11. Looks as if you have a good set-up for camping. I'm not keen on it without the amenities that you must have there in your sweet camper. Hope that you are able to get out on the highway and off to the lake soon!

  12. I like your trailer. We have a lovely Coleman tent trailer now and I like it almost all the time. Except when it's really cold - or in bear country. Next, I would like to get a trailer with big windows. Have fun - pretending and for real.

  13. Lovella;

    What a dream, that view out your front window looks like a fairy tale land. I agree the trees are beautiful in the variety.

    Happy camping, both of the pretend and real variety.

    How fun!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  14. Lovella, that photo of the raspberry fields is incredible! What time of day did you take that? The colours are like an Italian landscape, golden hues...wonderful! And that is outside your window?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Sigh.

  15. Lovella...the raspberry fields are so beautiful..I can only emagine having that view from my front window...Well, it looks like fun is around the corner...your camping practice looks like you have everything ready...the campfire makes me want to have a weiner roast as well :) Have fun!

  16. Yes, camping with a sink and a bathroom and a bed and a roof over your head....sounds good to me.

    Those raspberry fields are so neat and tidy looking....

  17. A fun photo-shoot! So cozy and inviting! And so much fun to participate in. My sons did an advertising photo shoot for Jet Boats awhile back. What a blast! I'm glad I didn't know they would be riding on top of a 20' platform so they could get 'good shots' as they sped along the water! Some things it's just best that mom doesn't know until later! Hehe.



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