Merc y

Dreadful news. . .the only one calling Miss Ella. . .Miss Ella. .
was you and me. . .
It struck me one afternoon as I watched yet more power being loaded into the cavity of this old merc. .. oh mercy. .
We regularly pull up to hot rods at stop lights. . . lower our windows to hear the "whine" of the engine before a healthy deep growl ensues.
I then look over at my beloved. . .and wait for his approving look.
Apparently .. .what we thought was a she truck .. isn't.
Forgive me. . . for the change. . . after all the hard work coming up with one and then Kathy being crowned the winner. . well. .she still gets a ride. . woo hoo.
So, since then, we he have has put things in .. . and taken things out. .
There has been plenty of welding, and measuring and placing things in temporarily.
The pictures left to right .. oh do click on the collage to better see the work. . .
1. the rad. . .(radiator. . trying to teach some lingo here) is in place. .
2. the floor has been cut and welded and prepared for the brakes
3. the air conditioner/heater has been tucked and installed in the cubby hole
4. the hoses for the rad and engine have been attached
5. the steering column and steering wheel have been fitted.
6. the floor and firewall have welding spots
7. the gas tank has been fitted, moved, and fitted again behind the rear end.
8. the gauges have been selected and holes filled and then recut for the new gauges.
Besides all of that. . .there is much more ..
I feel quite happy to keep up with learning what happens next.

We are nearly ready to remove it ALL.
That's right .. soon it will be completely dismantled and the frame will be sandblasted and painted.

Then. . .the real truck building will happen.. .
I have been informed that when it is built the next time. . .
the sound of the motor will soon .. . soon be heard. ..
and the paint color will be the discussion once again.

Oh .. .boy ..
Merc y . . . .me.

He's starting to talk about the next build.
It seems such a shame to only build one. . .after learning it all.
This is his first. . but it won't likely be his last ..
with two sons. . .they are bound to come up with another plan.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Merc y me for sure! It's going to be a beauty...

  2. Men and their toys..ahem, I mean their trucks! Ahh this Merc is a beauty. Oh Lovella I hope there will be pics of you riding in it or maybe driving! Got to wear a hat for that one!

  3. That looks pretty technical stuff! My husband would love to be there.

  4. I can hear the "Tim the Toolman Taylor" grunts......

  5. Oh, "Mercy" is right! I can't believe that after all the time spent in construction there is deconstruction in the truck's future. that the guys know what they're doing, once the paint color is decided upon, it'll all come together beautifully!

  6. Mercy it is then...we'll get over the name change! He looks very handsome indeed.

    So are there plans to build on to the shop...or where will the future projects be housed? My dad had twelve vehicles at one point...and needed to build a 'exhibition hall' to store them all in.

  7. Oh my! I can't believe it has to come apart! Wow! Well, I'm glad your husband is having fun. :)

  8. mercy me......what a sweet ride!
    what can't your man do.

  9. So they're having fun I take it. LOL! "Have mercy" is probably just the right expression for ever patient Lovella!

  10. That collage enlarged well. (Sometimes mine do and sometimes not - hmm?) That merc IS going to have too much muscle to be a her! What an amazing process - lots of skill and patience - and excitement.

  11. Can you imagine sewing a dress, and then taking it all apart just to choose the color, dye it, and then put it back together again. Now that just makes no sence to us girls. But...for the guys this is just the way it is. Thats why the truck should have a proper manly type name. After all if he is going to have some deep rumbling noises 'Miss Ella' just doesn't cut it. I do think Terry should call you Miss Ella on your outings in the Old Merc.The 2 boys will enjoy having a lady along. Kathy

  12. Sure does look great! What a fun "dad and sons" project!

  13. Oh dear- this is just the beggining! You might want to be the influence on the next project. This one is defienetly "his", maybe next time it's "hers/yours". Sporty, convertible, red... who knows, he just might say yes!

  14. hmmm... I don't know what all goes into a truck... but I AM sure interested in the final color !! Now THAT'S important and something I can relate too !! smile

    How wonderful when fathers and sons enjoy projects together!!

  15. Goodness. I know nothing about trucks that is for sure but I can tell that that is one devoted man there! All that work. And you there to document it all. What fun!

  16. That is quite a labor of love! She....oops, I mean Old Merc...has a lovely shiny outside already. Nice colors.

    Will you be allowed to drive?

  17. She's a beaut! Oh, sorry. I mean, he's very handsome.


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