Mennonite Girls can cook

Have you visited the newly formed blog yet?
Last week I invited women to join me in beginning a church style cookbook with a Mennonite flare. So far the recipes seem to be leaning to the Mennonite heritage but we'll eventually be turning to other favorites as well.
Since then .. .I have had the pleasure of welcoming new bloggers into the blogging community.
So far. . they have worked diligently in their kitchens and on their computers. . .
giving us samples of their family favorites.
Yesterday I slaved in the kitchen .. trying to remember a family recipe that hasn't been made in twenty years. No one had recorded the recipe even though it was one of my beloved's favorites.
I have no idea how to spell or say what they called it but it was pronounced . . .
phonetically .. . .oot-chya-rullda-cheelchtya. . .
Well . . . the deed has been accomplished.
This recipe blog. . will become a wonderful record of recipes.
You are still invited to join as one of the contributors.
I would be more than willing to walk you through the first few posts. . .
Come and check us out at Mennonite Girls can cook .. .and so can you.
You will be amazed at how much work fun has already been done. .
Oh and don't forget to let me know if you have posted your grad/prom dress . .be sure to visit all the gals at the bottom of yesterdays post.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Lovella, you certainly started a wonderful thing. Not only are the recipes wonderful but they bring back SUCH memories. My kitchen smells like my mother's and the warmth and homey feeling of those years past are present once again.

    Thanks for the blog opportunity. Keep up the work. By the way...have you ever thought about going professional?!

  2. with the cookbook? Print it you mean?

  3. professional what?. . . .blogger?. . .snicker

  4. I just visited "Menno Girls can cook" and I gained 5 pounds! Yum!

    I also posted my grad dress last night :) Oh the memories :)

  5. I think you still caught me editing, Lovella.
    I can taste those noodles for breakfast.
    I think I need to make those cinnamon buns today.
    Hubbies at the barn all day.

  6. Lovella...Mennonite girls can cook is an understatement...I suppose I cook what I learned from my mother I am determined to try some of your recipes...they all look amazing ...

  7. Oh wow Lovella the noodle recipe looks sooo good! So glad that it is now recorded for future generations.
    And yes I'm having fun trying to 'wrap my mind' around all this new technology that I am learning..I still have a long way to go. My family smiles and nods as I post because they know whatever is cooking in my kitchen will be shared with them!!
    Thanks everyone for sharing the recipes and stories..

  8. While cooking is not my favorite team sport..I'll have to pop over there and live vicariously through all the recipes and stories! What a fabulous idea!


  9. I agree with Trish and say thanks for the great lessons! (cooking and computer/blogging) You are proffesional! =)

  10. it looks so mouth-watering!! i miss farmer sausage!!!!

  11. My friend and I sat staring at that picture with mouths agape. Oh my! Does it ever look good.

    My dear, I have an award for you today!

  12. I have been enjoying your new blog VERY MUCH! Great recipes. . .and. . .many shared food memories. Reading your food blog makes me miss my aunties SO MUCH!


  13. Looks good to me, I don't think it's on my "plan" but maybe on my splurge day I will give it a Mennonite girls sure can cook!


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