It's all about the color

Overheard in the park yesterday. . .
Stuart .. . "are you guys arguing?"
I said . .. "NO. . .does it seem like we are arguing?"
Stuart said. . "I've never heard you argue this much". ..
I said. . "it's always about the color. . your father is color blind"
. . . more discussion. . .. .
He said. . "is that green?". . .
I said. . "no it's turquoise". . .
He said. . "is that blue?". ..
I said. . "aqua". . .

A chip off the old block. . .
I love this photo.
The old Merc was relaxing in the shop while the guys were on their bellies in the park looking underneath at frames and discussing the heights and lows of the truck and cars.
Tomorrow I'll do an update post on the old Merc. .formerly referred to as Miss Ella .
I've decided to change her name. .
"Oh Mercy" seems to be more common in reference to the old Merc.
More about that tomorrow.

The weather was perfect. .
the day was wonderful. . strolling through the park, running into friends we haven't seen in ages. ..
and being with our kids.

There was plenty of that. . .(notice the hands on hips. . it reminded me of little children who are told to put their hands somewhere where they won't get into mischeif).

I hope you had a wonderful day too yesterday.
Today, the sun is out. . and I'm off to work in the flower garden.

My peonies and roses are positively oozing fragrance,
teasing me for sitting indoors. .

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What fun photos! You're right about that "hands on hips" poses - it does make you think of what we've told our children in the past.

  2. Now that's a fun way to celebrate Father's Day!

    Great pic's!

    PS So just like that there is no more Miss Ella? Hmmm...I'm a little sad to see the name go....but I'll get over it.

  3. Even though I did win the 'name that truck'contest you ran awhile back, I think the re-name is perfectly fitting. Especially after yesterday's browsings. Now people will forsure know what (not who) Terry is talking about:) It was so good to run into you and your kids. Kathy

  4. Funny you would post about a conversation over heard in a park.. smile
    I over heard the following snippet conversation yesterday between two older teen girls...
    One girl.."Punjabi is a religion.."
    Second girl..."How can you be soo stupid ?? Punjabi is a country.."
    It was hard not to say ..."You are BOTH wrong!!" SMILE

    I smiled about your name change...a rose is still a rose... Oh.. sorry, I mean truck...

  5. Julie. . I rewrote it a wee bit lest you think that I was recording another family discussion. . it was us .. lol

  6. Isn't if fun how every family develops it's only artwork. Some love cars, some love sports, some love fishing and on we go...

    Colorblind? We had the same argument yesterday with my son. I think that's a male thing and I don't even try to argue....
    I tried to fix up my glitch. I think it's better than not.

  7. Men and colours - I agree with marg - I think they must be slightly colour blind - or perhaps just not as attuned to the nuances of colour. Hence aqua is blue - periwinkle is blue etc.

  8. Loved the pics and it looks a good day for 'car browsing'. I like the new name 'Old Merc'..sounds manly!

  9. Somehow I can't imagine the guys referring to the truck as Miss Ella ... so I guess you were outnumbered. Looks like you had a great day! I think we should try that next year... if I can keep the guys off the golf course.

  10. Looks like grand fun, especially so for the guys and for the women who love to look at their guys. ;>

  11. What a fun day you all had. Great pics too...the colours are so vibrant. Must have been that strange glow in the sky that helped....what is that anyway? Sun?

  12. Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

    What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

    Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

    let's chat

  13. So happy to see the sun out bright in your neck of the woods. Love all those great classic car colors! Let me know what I need to do to be a contributor on the food blog. How it works, etc. :0)

  14. What a fun post...I love the colors of the old cars and trucks...indeed a good place for fathers :)

  15. Looks like a wonderful time -- We might have to take a trek out to the car show one of these father's days...too fun!


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