heat wave # 1

I'm mentioning that we are having our first heat wave for two reasons. The first is that so it is documented. I just love checking back on my blog for these trivial facts. . somehow it validates yet further the necessity to have a blog. The second reason is that when we have a heat wave, we don't go off and frolic too far from home. We're farmers and we stay home. . .or close to home and tend our flocks. . . Typically we will not have power outages unless we have a good wind storm or . . . .oddly on a hot day. The flocks aren't so fond of power outages when it is 33 Celsius outside. Right on cue yesterday, at 5 pm the power went out and the generators kicked in .. . .love those things .. .and all was fine. It was nice not to scrape ourselves off a beach somewhere and tear down the highway because of a barn alarm. So . . .. instead we invite folks over to enjoy the hot "fresh" air of the country.
Our friends came riding up on their motorcycle and we popped some goodies on the grill and we were set. The amazing thing about me and Kathy is that we seem to have the oddest inclination to dress similarily at each visit. This hasn't just started in recent years, we've been doing this for decades already. Aside for slightly different colors. . .I am drawn to primary colors. .(okay the picture isn't a good example of this. . I know) and she is drawn to khakis and soft neutrals (okay. ..she also is not a good example of this ).
So. . . yesterday was soft pastel plaid short day. .. .twinsies again.
After dinner we set down the trail to teach them goecaching. See how excited Kathleen is to have found her treasure? We already have big plans to geocache together on a camping trip.

Being the tour guide. . .I pointed out the stinging nettle. Friends do that sort of thing .. . don't they?

On the way back to the farm .. . I got tired of lugging the camera and gave it to my beloved. . .who generally lands up carrying my stuff. . . love that man.
I'm off on an adventure today with another blogging/church friend. . . . . I best get movin'.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I, for one, am very carefully watching your wardrobe. I must go shopping today and I only wish that I had your fashion sense!

    Looks as if you had a marvelous time with your friends. Enjoy the heat wave...maybe it's on its way as we've been getting all that rain that you had back along. Days of it...weeks of it...I'm sick of it.

  2. Thanks, it was a wonderful relaxing evening. Dinner was delish and the visit and activity equally enjoyable. Girls... it's fun having friends. Let's all keep working at our relationships. They matter alot. We are pretty cute in our 'matchy-matchy'! Enjoy your time out today. Kathy

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  4. Well, I was wearing pretty well the same thing yesterday! I had to zoom in to see if one of those shorts were the exact same ones . . . but no, just a slightly different color. Those seamstresses in far off lands must wonder how many women will be wearing the same things as all the others every new year. I really like the long shorts and feel like I could wear them for ever, but I wonder if we'll be laughing about them someday? (Just working with too many old pictures lately.) Sometimes I'm frustrated how designers determine what we wear . . .but then some people are smart and don't pay attention, but me . . . well. Am I making this into a post?

  5. I'm laughing...the first thing I ever notice about you and Kathy is that you dress alike, walk alike and talk alike. Twins separated before conception? I dunno...it is kinda cute though.

    Just don't ever get matching hair color. That is the clue as to who is who.

  6. Never a dull moment. Life is good. So now I know what Kathy looks like. Beware Kathy. Someday, sometime, when you least expect it.
    "Smile you are on Blog Camera"

  7. I am just glad that you could go out walking in the woods yesterday. EGADS!!!! Heat AND mosquitos our way! Maybe it is better out on the farm. In the 'city' (which we are NOT) but in the city it was unbearable. And then neighbours with music and parties late into the evenings....and windows that must remain open..sigh and double sigh. Not so bad but if you have to get up at 5 to get to work the next day!!! Grumble Grumble! Those summer nights eh? HA! Well, have fun today....33 degrees? Yep...we had 32 in town. Yikes...and now it will likely rain this weekend eh?

  8. Yup we are having a heat wave too..and I'm trying not to complain, I still clearly remember those cold winter days!
    Enjoy your day, Lovella!

  9. You both look great, and cute. I see you have similar hairstyles too, but part on the opposite sides!

    And congratulations, at 33C, you were hotter than we were here!

    I had to Google "geocaching" to find out what that means...I've learned another new thing.

  10. Well I'm closer to your neck of the woods and am experiencing the lovely weather here too. I'm happy to have missed the blistering weekend, though. Enjoy...

  11. Wow, your temperature yesterday was higher than ours here in the Tampa, Florida area, but our high (so far) for the month of June was 96F, which - I think - would be about 35C for you.

    I have friends who are avid geocachers, but I have never had the opportunity to try it. Yet.

  12. We're enjoying 24C - lovely. Although it's a little humid. We're sea people and not used to that at all.I'm afraid we wilt at the slightest bit - people "from away" think it's funny.

    I watch your fashion sense too - you give me shopping ideas.

  13. Its funny isn't it ? How friends who think alike, dress alike?
    The first time I met a girl- who was destined to be my friend - we were wearing the identical same unusual pair of shoes and we found we collected the same pattern of china as well as a long list of other in-common things.

    yes, we are in a heat wave -- and we might as well enjoy it .. they don't last that long here , do they ?

    have a wonderful day !!

  14. You cute girls. Love the matching thing. I happen to do that with a couple of my girlfriends too. Funny isn't it?!

    Basking in the sun right along with you.....

  15. to have a special friend in your life is such a huge blessing.
    never let it go and gradually disappear..you two are sooo cute


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