early morning chit chat

Well, I'm off to a fabulous mind wracking start this morning.
My beloved wasn't quite yet out the door to do chores when the phone rang. ..
I thought to myself.. . . well, it is a bit early in the morning for casual chit chat. . . but hey. .
why not?
Why Not?. . . .well, it was the nice chap from the farm financial survey calling to see if I had my survey complete and ready to go over with him. . .
Big gulp. . . oh. . . .was it supposed to be done already?
I quickly went to the nice neat stack of papers on my to do list in the office and  located the offensive looking survey. . . .incomplete.
At the same time my filing cabinet is being hoisted open to our last year end financial statements.
I'm . . . .ready. . .fire off the questions. . . yikes.
In the meantime. . . my beloved has no idea that I am struggling through the survey and is completely unaware that he should not be turning alarms off to the barn. . . .(this kills the phone line momentarily. . )
After being cut off from the nice chap. . .I quickly peruse the financial statement, trying to familarize myself with it. . . oh dear. . .why didn't I have this done ahead of time. . .
The nice chap calls back and  wonders at the odd timing of the disconnecting call. . .
I say. . ."yes how odd. . ."
We begin again where we left off and I continue to struggle through the questions that I don't completely understand. . .the value of the acres, and the amounts of rented land. . phew. . an easy one.
I kid you not. . .my beloved decided to run to the shop in between .. (shouldn't he be in the barn?)
. . .the phone is disconnected once again ..
I think to myself.. .. well at least I have something to blog today.
The nice chap calls back again. . I'm sure quite suspicious, that I'm trying to lose him.  I assure him it is the oddest thing to be disconnected once again .. we continue on.
A half hour later, he thanks me for my time. . .
I hang up and read the front of the survey ..
Ah. . .there it is. . .and I quote ..
"This questionnaire is to assist you in answering a telephone survey.  Complete this form and keep it by your telephone.  An interviewer from Statistics Canada will telephone you between July and August (they actually have this part in bold) for this information. . .
Hmmm, well, that's done. . .it is off the stack of to do list. .
He's happy. . . I'm happy. . .I think I'll pack a picnic.
There is a lake with my name on it. . well maybe a lake with my beloved's and my name on it.
Get the chores done. . .start the car.
Have a wonderful day my friends.
oh. . and I'm trying out the blogger in draft optional posting today .. guess what. . no spell chek on teh compos bar. . . so .. sory abooout anee misteaks ..


  1. Gotta love those farm surveys! I'm walking backwards through my mind...hope I don't have one sitting here waiting to be completed!

    Enjoy the lake...and all the sunshine that is coming our way.

  2. hmm if it was a woman i would have thought that to be my friend on the phone, who works for stats canada and does these farm survey.
    you make me laugh lovella, i am so glad that you have a to do pile, and even you get caught of guard. however i must admit it slightly bothers me a bit that it is a neat pile.....;-).my pile (piles) wishes it was neat.
    have a great day at the lake and enjoy the picnic with you beloved.

  3. Well, that guy was early and should definitely have been hung up upon! Enjoy that picnic!

  4. ha...you are too funny Lovella. Summertime should not, I repeat, NOT be spent indoors doing surveys and paperwork. (Farm surveys? My goodness...is it necessary? What do they do with the data?) Anyway...enjoy your picnic. I had to pay property taxes today and egads...that along with the carbon tax starting July 1st....we are 'hooped' (is that a bad word?) Enjoy...hey..what are you cooking up for Canada Day. We have a traditional flag cake but I am wondering if we might all post that same one....

  5. Way to go Lovella,
    I have no idea about all that stuff.
    Biking off to English Bay suits my fancy.

  6. I love how you were cut off .. not once! but twice !! I HATE surveys ... What do they do with that information anyway!

    But how nice to go off on a picnic by a lake - a perfect day ! My daughter and granddaughter are in Victoria enjoying the Tall Ship Festival !

  7. Lovella...your header and photos are just beautiful...sounds like your going to have a busy day....enjoy :)


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