country girls

I was delighted to accept an invitation from Judy ..(pop over there to see what we christened) on my left .. and Marg (pop over there to see what I forgot) on my right. .

to visit them in their neck of the woods fields.

I followed Marg's directions to her house. I was treated to some refreshment and a tour of her home and garden and then we left to pick up Judy at her house. . .

where yet more refreshments awaited our arrival.

Then the three of us hopped in my car and went to have a lovely lunch ..what a treat.

We found we are not so different the three of us.
Judy, Marg and I have all begun to blog in the last few years.
We share a common faith and heritage.
We love our husbands and children. . . and wee ones.
We love to cook and enjoy having friends over for dinner.
I found the visit so intriguing. . .since I'm reading the book. . Grown-up Girlfriends.
We are each in a unique season of our life .. . in a sense we are being intentional about our friendship. I think we all recognized that this friendship would have never occurred had it not been for our common interest in blogging.
I believe that God designed us to meet and encourage one another and to fill in part of the gap that all of us have . . . each relationship meets a unique need.
So far, the book is quite fascinating . ..
and the country girls? ..
I'll be inviting them over to the bungalow. . before summer is done.
Have a wonderful day my friends, oh do run over to the MGCC blog to see what is cooking next door.


  1. Good morning ... just on my my to the MGCC ... =)

  2. sounds like you had a great day yesterday. this blogging world certainly has brought people together in wonderfully unexpected ways.

  3. sounds like a fantastic day! so neat to be able to meet and connect with people we might not have otherwise ever met!

  4. Hooray for blogging! You three enjoyed a wonderful day; I'm glad for you all.

  5. This country girl had a wonderful time yesterday! How fun to actually sit down together and talk. Thanks for making the trip out to our neck of the woods, Lovella!

  6. I'll give that adventure a knowing nod of approval! How cool that you all live close enough to each other that getting together in person from time to time is an added bonus to the daily blog contact.
    Can't wait to hear your thought about the book. I have taught classes on the subject, and read many books on the topic as well. Just last night I had a conversation at work with a fellow librarian who is my age, and both of us wondered at how difficult it is to develop meaningful friendships after the kids are grown. She noted that work and the challenge of continuing to build relationships within our society where people come and go so often (ahem...not that I know any thing about that...)

  7. It's amazing what we can do with our pictures and each one twisted there stories representing their personalities. It's been interesting.
    Fresh roses on my flower from Lovella. They smell so awesome.
    I'm hoping you found your battery Lovella.
    Thank-you for coming out our way and we'll be more than es tactic to visit your bungalow.

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  9. Ahh, what fun! Glad you all got together...

  10. so great that you did this. i've been blessed to have a visit at the bungalow and they are in for a treat. :)

  11. When I read Judy's description of the day, I was so happy that the three of you had gotten together. Hope that there'll be many more times of fun for the threesome. Yay for blogging!


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