the annual photo

On Friday night we made the trek to Tim and Flo's farm.
We were treated to a wonderful dinner and a visit to boot.
I recently purchased the book called Grown Up Girlfriends by Erin Smalley and Carrie Oliver.
I'm on chapter two so it is a bit early for me to make a recommendation. .
that may come soon though.
It occurred to me as I looked at the photo above that indeed. .
we have grown up a bit.
Our relationship is a gift to us. . . designed for us. . .for a purpose.
We knew them before their first daughter arrived which was quickly followed by their second a son and quickly followed by another daughter.
Now they have a granddaughter. . .the love of their lives.
She is darling. . isn't she?
I think the photo above was taken mid 80's. . .it's a little hard to tell without the kids there to mark the timeline.
What I do know is that our friendship remains. . ..
We are the same for the most part. . .
We don't see each other every week like we used to. .. .
but when we do. .
oh it is sweet.
So . . .guess what?
Today I'm having lunch with two girls/ladies I have never had lunch with before.
Can you guess who?
We're bringing our cameras. . .these girls aren't shy. ..
woo hoo. . .


  1. you've got to be having lunch with a couple of bloggers for sure!! The cameras and lack of shyness gives it away...and if by some chance they aren't bloggers, they should be :0)

  2. Friends are the best!

    Hmmm...I could take a guess as to your lunch mates...but I'll just wait for your report.

  3. friends are such a gift aren't they, we are in a transition period where we used to do everything together as families and now it is mostly just the adults and certainly not anywhere as regular as it used to be........aaahh the good ol' days.

    lunch hey.....hmmmm i wonder who could it be.......bloggers to be sure.
    i guess we will just have to wait and see.

  4. I agree 100% Friends are such flowers in life.

    Woo Hoo!! AM I one of them?
    I might just sneak along. Let me know the place...

  5. It is a gift to enjoy times with friends - old and new.

    Their little grand-daughter is a doll!

  6. hmmm

    they have to be bloggers for sure...

    if you and Terry ever head east with that camper or bike - make sure you make a lunch date with us!

  7. I love your then and now photos. You are a good looking bunch!
    Can't wait to hear about your lunch!

  8. Beautiful photos, beautiful couples! Long time friendships like that sure are special!

  9. Isn't it great to have couple friends that you can just pick up with where you left off and it is comfortable and fun! You have often spoken so highly of Tim and Flo and I know you guys are all dear to each other. Their little grandaughter is a doll. I love the 80's picture. Wish I could have joined you today. Can't wait to hear how it went. A lunch missed due to work, how sad. Enjoy your visit and snap away girls. Kathy

  10. There's no greater gift than a lifelong friendship. How wonderful that you are still in relationship!

    Yes, their granddaughter is simply adorable!

  11. lunch and friendship go hand in hand....what a great day you are going to have Lovella. Wonder who they are...bloggers?

  12. Hi Lovella - what great pictures -those 80's hairstyles were really something! We had such a great visit - what a blessing to have friends and now grandbabies to talk (maybe brag abit!) about.
    Hope you had a great visit today too - Love, Flo

  13. I love longtime friends .. and making new ones, too. They're just great all around.


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