saturday peek 05/25-31 . .2008

The week is ending with a sunny day.
All of these flowers except the lupins are from my own garden.
At times summer seems short here in Canada. . .
but during the summer season,
the grass is lush and the flowers are vibrant.
The sheets are in the wash, the floors will get a bit of a scrubbing and then. . .
it will be outdoors for me.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends,
see you Monday.
Next week I'll show you how to make pizza dough.


  1. Those are amazing colors..
    Isn't that fun pooling all of those pictures and letting Picasa do the rest of the work.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hey same here, Lovella..doing laundry, floors are washed and I'm on my way out to work on the yard. Quickly before it starts to rain.
    I agree with Marg..amazing colors! I have those colors in my garden, just love them!

  3. So beautiful. Love those colors as well. We are heading into winter here so it is nice to get a peek at summer in your parts.

  4. Gorgeous! Wouldn't those look great on the wall? Kudos to your gardening and photography skills!

  5. Ahhh...I love that colour pruple!!!

    Enjoy the sunshine...and I'll be back for the pizza dough tutorial next week.

  6. pizza dough? Oh boy!

    have a great weekend...looks like the weather might cooperate for once

  7. Lovely and pretty...have a great weekend!

  8. Que the music: Lavender blue dilly dilly, lavender green....

    So pretty.

  9. Love this collage. I love purpley flowers. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  10. It worked! And it's lovely! Loved the new blog roll --- and the '2nd' blog wasn't so bad, was it? It looks beautiful!


  11. Love all the purple. So pretty...

  12. I see that you had a great week, Lovella. Beautiful purple week, huh?

  13. Purple is one of my favorite colors! The flowers are amazing! Photography is definitely one of your talents.

    You've redecorated your blog! It looks great!

  14. Purple flowers are my FAVORITE!!! Love this collage.


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