saturday peek 05/18-24 . .2008

Saturdays are my day to clean and tidy the bungalow.
I wash the sheets .. . change the linens. .
and bake up some tasty morsel.
I've decided to add one more thing to my saturdays.
This is the first of a peek into my week collage.
Have a wonderful day my friends .. .
see you Monday.


  1. Oh beautiful collage with all the red popping out!

  2. What a great idea to do a collage! All the red is so beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Your collage looks splendid with all of the red and green.

    I've got gingersnaps in the oven for a celebration party tonight (our softball team won the tournament last week!), so I'd better get in there and pull them out. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love it! What a great way to highlight your week. I think you just may see these popping up on other blogs. Enjoy your Saturday...definately a BBQ day. Kathy

  5. Beautiful...I love the red & green theme!

  6. Yippee! You're so color coordinated with this belongs in a magazine, Lovella, I kid you not!

    Have a happy day! (Love the little red pants on Grammie's flip-flops...too adorable.)

  7. Lovella...Your collage is just beautiful....wish I had just a little more confidence when doing things on the computer, then I would be bold enough to follow your directions....but, nevermind ..I can enjoy yours...:)

  8. You are indeed a very creative lady. You should work for a company that produces brochures, newsletters etc. What talent. Lovely post today Lovella.

  9. Love the red collage..what neat memories!
    Hope you had a good day, Lovella.
    I gardened all day..well almost. Also did a little baking..

  10. love the new collages!! they look great! love the red theme especially!

  11. Beautiful greens, reds and whites....just as pretty this time of year as at Christmas, and of course, this time of year there is the blue sky too. I love your collage idea.

  12. Your picture collage is gorgeous Lovella. You are so clever at coordinating the colours!
    Thank you for your kind words and prayers for the birth of our daughter. I had a long and very tiring labour... Emma Lynn was eventually born through caesarean section as she ended up in a posterior position. But she is so beautiful and healthy and we are extremely thankful for our little miracle. We arrived home yesterday and are enjoying every moment with her... could watch her for hours and hours. Will post some pic's on FB very soon.
    Thank you again for thinking of us :)

  13. I am loving your collages. Thanks for the tutorial. I don't have Picasso, but maybe my photo manager has the same options.

    You are an amazing teacher. I love my sidebar scroll of my favorite blogs, and bless you often because of it :]

    The picture of the baby on the flips flops...just melts me. Vee mentioned Grammie…is that your grandson? You look to young.

  14. Lots of red this week! Looks like a wonderful time.


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