This morning I woke up to some rather long winded rumblings. . .
I lifted my head straight up and looked over at my beloved. . .
He said. . ."thunder"
I lay my head back down.
Later after breakfast. . (we don't speak until coffee has been consumed)
He said .. ."why did you look at me?"
I said. . ." it was just so unusual to wake to thunder"
He said. . ."but you knew it was thunder"
I said. . "I guess I just wanted to see what you thought about it"
Ah yes the intellectual conversations on the farm are most invigorating at times.
Liquid sunshine prevails here again today.
The patio remains lonely and as a decorative part of the back yard.
We entertained last night. . indoors.
The BBQ was fired up. . the men folk braved the conditions until the veggies were grilled and the pork steaks were succulent done.
It did remind me slightly of the tropics.
The temperatures were warm enough to have the windows wide open.
I felt oddly pleased about this.
Okay. . . this is funny. I just now remembered what I wanted to post today ..
I'm sitting here racking my brain trying to remember ..
blogger was slow as molasses, so I should have had time to remember. . .
So .. excuse the lame post, I'm not starting over. .
I'd best write down what I will post tomorrow.
(I better give myself a hint here .. bloggy tutorial Lovella .. the one with the pictures. . )
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Looks pretty and clean around your farm. What I'm finding scary is when I start forgetting my passwords. Oye Vay!

  2. Well even when you forget what you were going to post I still enjoy your post. What amazing rain we're having today eh? It feels like we are in the amazon or something.

  3. Sorry your patio party got rained out! I went around this morning and closed all the windows...and looked for my slippers. I rather liked that hot weather!

  4. Your description of waking to thunder and having to connect with your beloved even over that...ahhhhh.

    Enjoy these gloriously warm days...

    Oh the brain thing...happens to me all the time! ;D

  5. you are too funny.........i can totally relate to the "uumm what was i saying?"

  6. You are so funny! It's gotten to where I must carry around a pen and tablet everywhere I go now...I even wake up during the night to scribble out thoughts and reminders!

  7. It is just so amazing that you can come up with such interesting blogs all the time - even on days like today when you think they are "lame"! It's one thing that holds me back from starting my own blog, as friendly and fascinating as blogger land seems to be!

    Your back yard is spectacular - you and your beloved certainly have the gift of gardening. I am totally jealous!!


  8. I enjoyed reading your descriptions.

  9. HA...that thunder had the normally alpha male Radar running scared! Whewie! And right into the morning with me out on construction site! Yikes.

    Thanks for stopping by 100th post and sharing your comment.

  10. Good morning fellow Canadian.
    I have not come across very many Blogs from Canada yet in my travels.

    P.S. I left a comment on "Kimmie" blog about your name :0)

  11. Okay! That was the best alarm clock we have had in ages! Ray got out of bed, and "flash!!", then the rolling crescendo to an ear-splitting cymbol at almost 1 minute after 6:00 am. I loved it!! A couple of more, just to be sure we heard the first one, and the whole household was up ~ happily! All wondering what was happening out in the heavens. Glad you blogged it because I had almost forgotten how this week started. Still brings a smile to my face! I love the dramatic weather!


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