the red and green show

After seeing that Judy and Marg were hosting a JD green theme, I couldn't resist

posting one of my favorite JD pictures too.

The lil' farm hand had been very busy helping.

He cleaned the steering wheel .. . .

I was quite happy to learn yesterday on the news that children that have "healthy" amounts of dirt and germs in their system young have fewer allergy issues.

We are delighted to help in this way.

Any reason to bring the babies over works for me.

The yard is vibrant with color.

Red is currently one of my favorite colors. .
Green goes so well with red.. .

Yesterday we enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries up at the B&B.

It was quite fun for me to note that I had literally dozens of pictures to post for my red and green show today....
all taken within the last few weeks.

I've posted just three. . . .

Whatever you do today. .

wherever you go ..

be a blessing. .

to some


Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. So nice this red and green business. Does this have anything at all to do with the Red Green show? 'D

    My daughter-in-law told me about the dirt stuff. I was an ultra neat freak and I hate thinking that I may be responsible for my ds's allergies. Ackkkkk!

    Have a great weekend, Lovella!

  2. I love the red/green theme for today! I, too, am glad to have confirmed what I've always suspected: a little dirt (and germs) never hurt anyone!

  3. Yes...everyone please toss out that anti-bacterial soap!

    Nice color theme in your pictures.

  4. Red and works for me!

    And I saw that news item which encouraged us to let the kids get dirty to avoid allergies...makes sense to me. Children born to mothers who spent time in a barn during pregnancy, also have a much lower chance of developing allergies. Interesting.

  5. Heading out to roll in the dirt...
    (Maybe that is why our cats are so healthy all the time.)

  6. The little farm had looks so much like his daddy did at that age. If they're not dirty they can't be having fun outside. Sunday after brunch, we headed to the beach for a bit of play time and our two little ones had sand in every 'nook and cranny'. We had fun! The strawberries look delish!

  7. Love your red and green post Lovella, beautiful colors..not just meant for Christmas!
    Mmmm..lovely strawberries, we still have only the imported ones,we'll have to wait a bit for the locally grown.
    Ahh the pic of g'pa and g' sweet!
    Oh about the dirt I know why we don't have allergies in our household!!
    Baked a rhubarb platz this morning for my daughter's workplace..

  8. Interesting article and it makes sense even to someone like me who continually insists on washing hands. I guess,as with everything else, it's finding the right balance. My sis-in-law used to have a sign on her window sill "My house is dirty enough to be happy and clean enough to be healthy."

  9. Look at that little guy on that tractor! Isn't it great how soon little boys love machinery?! Love all your green and red. Have a wonderful day..

  10. I was very interested to hear that article too - also about having pets as an infant may help to alleviate allergies - our one boy with asthma is the only one that wasn't near a dog or a cat when he was a baby...

    oh those strawberries!! I can hardly wait for ours!

  11. Cute red and green show! About dirt - my son-in-law Andy notes that city kids are more likely to get sick at camp. He thinks it's because of their low exposure to normal germs. Interesting. My kids do pretty well. Must be because I measured the happiness level of their day by how dirty they were at the end of it :)

  12. the red and green theme...Your little farm hand is precious...strawberries look yummy...and I will indeed try to be a blessing to someone today..

    BYW I took The Shack off after reading the review...I'm not so impressed with this book so far..rather disappointing actually after all the hype..thank you for the heads up my friend.

  13. I love your green and red theme.
    I just bought my geraniums yesterday and realized how I always am attracted to the same colors year after year.
    I think we need so new JD Reps to read our blogs before the media blurts this info on CNN.

  14. I love your red and green themed post !! but especially the chocolatE dipped strawberries! Yummy!!!
    We visited the famous chocolate/candy shop in Whistler village. The chocolate dipped strawberries were $1.99 EACH !!

    PS.growing up on a farm really ensures that NO ONE is in danger from not contacting enough 'dirt'. smile

  15. Pictures are so beautiful. The strawberries look absolutely scrumptious.

  16. Beautiful pictures...the colors are amazing.

    The strawberries look yummy too!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  17. My mouth literally started watering when I saw those chocolate dipped strawberries. YUM!


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