a penny for your thoughts

Good morning. . .
Yesterday it was mentioned to me that since I had changed my blog to the sidebar with the updates of all your blogs. ..
well. . . . .
the upload of my blog was sluggish .. .
I removed them all and resorted back to my old ways.
Is it quicker?
I really liked having the glance at the side of what was new at your place. . .
One possibility is to do the updates on blogs that well .. .
actually update .. . .
daily ..
the rest. . . well.....
let me know when you do.
Have a great day,
I'm doing some baking today .. .
my beloved has a hankering for cinnamon buns. . .
maybe I'll take some pictures for a tutorial coming soon to you.


  1. It did seem to be sluggish. I'll click back later and see if it's quicker now. Enjoy your day...

  2. Ah! I thought it was just my computer. I like this way better. With all our guests lately I have gone through 3 batches of cinnamon buns. Your house will smell so good today. Enjoy! Kathy

  3. I had noticed it was really slow to open...however, it was nice to see who had something new posted.

    Have fun baking...and sampling. Nothing smells quite like freshly baked cinnamon buns.

  4. Yes, it was slower. Sometimes I'd get impatient and click too often and then suddenly I'd be farther back than I wanted to be.
    Have you ever had that rolled up cinnamon bread with apples in it that they sell at the Cobb bakery?
    Someone brought one over the other day and I can hardly wait to try and make one. It was so good!

  5. I loved your new bloggy update. I'm still trying to use it and see how long it lasts.
    I'm baking Corinnes brownies while you make cinnamon buns. Lets make a trade...My men are cleaning barns once again and need some fresh snacks.

  6. I too noticed that your blog was slower to open and had no idea why.
    Oooh cinnamon buns..not telling my family or I'll have to whip up a batch..lol

  7. Cinnamon rolls sound yummy!

    I enjoyed your 'comment' blogroll as well, but I understand the frustration with sluggishness. It was fun to read quickly about what was going on at other blog-sites.

    I visited your beautiful country this past week-end, enjoying a wonderful time with aunties, uncles, cousins, and grandmother. We came from far and near --- always happy to be together.


  8. Ohh..taking out your blog updates made no difference .. it is still slow too open. I'm glad it wasn't the blog updates because I thought that was a nice feature of your blog.
    So I have no idea why it is slow !!

  9. And, of course, you'll share the cinnamon buns with us, too, right? I think I know what it means when a man has a hankering for cinnamon buns. Yup, sure of it...read it somewhere. ;>

  10. Oh, about the blogroll...it did pique interest and I often followed it out of here, but it did make the blog more sluggish to load. So many trade-offs! Shoot!

  11. I didn't notice that it was slower - too bad because I enjoyed having a quick glance to see what others were writing about.

    I have some rhubarb ready for use - what shall I make???

    I think I'll check your recipes I see something rhubarby in your header! :)

  12. Hello Lovella,
    I looked through all your recipes and cinnamon buns was not there. May I have it please? I have tried out some of your other recipes and really like them but would like to try your cinnamon buns too. Thanks. Have a great day!

  13. oh yes, a tutorial is JUST what I need! Thx...I will tune in on 'chem sunday' at Trish's house.

    Oh, and I never had a problem downloading your blog. Hmmm....I have high speed connections..does that make a difference? I am so NOT a computer whiz.


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