mothers day 2008

The sun is shining today .. .
no one will willingly wear socks and shoes. . .
not on our farm.
Sunday is coming, and it will be a day that we will honour our mothers.
For some of us, we will be reminded of Mother's Days from years ago when we arrived at church and pinned a red flower on our lapel.
My Dad wore a red one to honour his step mother. . .
and a white one to honour his mother who had passed away when I was a baby.
Really .. .he should have worn a third. . . his birth mother died at birth.
Three women who loved him. . .and who he loved in return.
This Sunday, I'll first think of my mother,
who loved me. . .
who I love still. . and who I am so thankful for.
I'll thank God for my mom-by-love who raised the man I love dearly.
She is now a great grandma and will impact these little children by her prayers and her love.
I'll thank God that I have been blessed to be a mother.
The older I get. . .the more I understand becoming a mother to be a miracle.
The two little boys that we raised have been such a blessing in my life. . .
and continue to be a blessing. . .
This year I have a new status. . .
it is my first year as a grammie.
I am so thankful for these two precious grandchildren.
I'll thank God that I am blessed to a chance to love these two little children.
I'm so thankful for the gift of being able to speak love into their lives. .. .
may God give me wisdom to do this right.
I'll thank God for my daughters-by-love.
I'll thank God that they have been blessed to be mothers.
I'll thank God that my grand babies know what it is to be loved by a mother.
Each day I spend being a mom and a grammie is a gift. . .
I pray that I use this gift to honour the One who gave it.
This Mother's Day .. .
remember . .. .
what matters most.


  1. Beautiful, Lovella. I love the little feet in the "feels" so refreshing!

    I'm so thankful to still have my mother, even if she is nearly 850 miles away!

    May you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. You are so right...the love of a mother is one of the things that matters most in this life!

    Blessings to a mom & as a grammie!

  3. What lovely words in your Mother's Day post... how special to be a mom and a grandmother as well. So many things to celebrate!
    I was wondering if I'd be a mom by Mother's Day... hmmm, unlikely but we will see what the little one decides :) I can't wait to feel the special, one-of-a-kind bond that a mom has with their child. Overwhelming love, I am sure!
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Lovella... I have no doubt that you will :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you! How wonderful to have TWO grandchildren to celebrate with this year!

    We will be having all my family over for Mother's Day which also happens to be the day my sister graduates from college, so it will be a big celebration!

  5. wishing you al a wonderful mother's day.............
    i know that i will, our middle child and only son will be getting baptized this day....truly a blessed mother's day gift indeed.
    to have all our children love and serve the Lord is always a mother's prayer

  6. Lovella...that was just beautiful...As I grow older, I reflect back more on my childhood. The things that I admired about my mother and grandmother, I have imitated. No better compliment can our daughters give us than to emulate things that are good about us. I've heard my two girls say on occasion...I'm just like my taught me well. Happy Mother's Day ......

  7. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!
    I'll be treated to supper at my daughter's place on Sunday.

  8. A simple post full of love and honor. what a wonderful tribute and so well put. Happy Mother's Day to you....

  9. How sweet are those little feet in the water! A very happy Mother's day weekend to you and yours...

  10. You have such a beautiful way of putting things. Thank you for this beautiful post and Happy Mother's day to you! Have a great one being a granny to your sweet grandbabies.

  11. What a wonderful post Lovella! Have a Happy Mother's Day!


  12. That is beautiful. You should be preaching the Sunday Mother's Day message. Thank you for reminding us all what a privilege it is to be moms and grandmothers.

  13. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  14. Happy Mother's Day, Lovella :)

  15. Yet again, a wonderful way with words. Happy Mother's Day, Lovella.

  16. I have never heard that phrase. I will have to remember that when my son marries.

    Love the picture...bare toed sweet!

    I am a first time grandmother this year too...isn't it the best!!!!!!!


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