looking up

I never have enough pictures of the objects against the sky.
Through my lens . . .everything is beautiful. . .
even the weeds.
Ah, such hope. . .
There are the cultivated flowers . . .
splendid blossoms extravagant and exquisite to be sure. . .
and then there are the weeds who faithfully show up each season. .
right on time.

Every blossom. . .for a reason
When I'm on the ground looking up. . .
they are all perfect.
If you are driving through the countryside. .
and you see a woman .. .
scooting across the field. .
on her tummy. .
Wave. . .it'll be me.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Heh...crawling around in field shooting flowers against the sky:

    I think this phenomenon will eventually get a name: Photobloggeritis.

    An incurable affliction to date. And little interest in creating a vaccine for it either. Wonder what happy soul will next contract this condition next? The more the merrier!

  2. Hahaha...you're so cute! Love your photography.

  3. Well you sure do get great pics from crawling around on your tummy!
    Isn't that a good form of exercise??

  4. Flowers are always the perfect subject!

    Are those blueberries in the making...middle photo?

  5. I'll be joining you! I love flower/sky photos.

  6. And I thought I looked silly yesterday spinning in circles with my camera taking photos...

    I love the "looking up" photos. At least you're not climbing trees and looking down.

  7. The blue sky makes a fabulous background...good job with the tummy crawling!

  8. Oh Lovella, I can see you on the ground. I was on the ground flat on my belly so many times in Europe trying to capture the best pictures.
    Isn't it fun? It's our time now!!!!

  9. Hee hee....careful of the grass stains. Why not scoot about on the ground, you certainly are able to capture stunning photos. Keep it up....you are an inspiration to a 'first timer'

  10. I agree,Lovella. Anything against a clear blue sky is beautiful.
    And whatever you have to do to get the shot is well rewarded ! smile

  11. Lovella...You made me laugh....If I see a woman as you described, I'll know it's you :) I love your photos today...just beautiful...All flowers I never see here..

  12. I love that idea! Puts a whole new perspective on the flower. I'll have to try it!


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