high tea at the B&B

Yesterday afternoon my beloved and I ran up to the B&B to help with high tea. . . .
for seventy three. .
(I'm not sure of the exact number but the poet in me comes out)
Ladies from a local church were having their annual bridal/baby shower for all the gals in their church who are getting married and also for those having babies.
Dorothy, her two sisters and I put on a spread completely made from scratch. .
(no commercial boxes were opened for the event)
Remember Corinne's decadent brownies from last week?
The brownies bake up wonderfully in tiny muffin tins. .
just a bite or two.
We set the treats up buffet style.

Tiny little scones with fresh strawberry jam and devonshire cream.

Meanwhile the menfolk. . .(our little friend Ethan. . his dad Todd and my beloved)
were on car parking patrol .. .

My beloved suggested that we go home later and make use of the warm weather.
He thought we might run past the grocer and pick up a few things for the grill.

Worst case scenario .. .. turn on the heat a bit. . .
with the new patio furnace.

The sun was looking to set wonderfully in the west .. .

As I was putting a few yummy things together in the kitchen I heard some
groaning. . .

He said. . "come look outside"
I said .. . "oh no. . . .is the wind picking up? .. .it looks so beautiful out."
He said. . "come look out east"

The storm was coming in quickly.

The heater was turned on. .. .

The grilling commenced. . .

. .. and consumed indoors. .

70's music channel blarring in the background. .
us playing . . . .who sang that?. . .
. . "brown eyed girl" .. . my song. . .


And that my friends. . .was our Sunday afternoon/evening.

Have a wonderful day my friends. .
first thing on the agenda. . is a walk .. .
those high tea treats . . . .shoot.


  1. Wonderful treats and beautifully displayed! Doing a yearly tea is a nice idea for brides and new moms.

  2. It all looks so lovely...
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I'll be back to check out the buffet spread next time I host a party. It looks wonderful!

    We're having a difficult time using our outdoor spaces this spring! I no sooner settled onto the chaise lounge with a book yesterday afternoon, when the wind picked up...and soon I picked everything up as well and headed indoors! Our intended dinner-on- the-patio with friends on Saturday night also got moved indoors.

  4. I did the same thing with that brownie recipe. It worked great as brownie bites.

  5. I love reading about teas!!! What an interesting idea to combine all the showers into one event each year.

  6. I'm going to try those brownie bites next time I want to serve 'a bite or two'.
    You have a lovely grilling area, Lovella. We need to spruce ours up.
    We finally had some much needed rain. Huge forest fire this weekend about 20 miles away.
    Oh and am so happy that we finished planting the garden just before the rains came!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Lovella! You all did a wonderful job with the treats yesterday. Ethan had lots of fun on the quad ... as did the big boys, I'm sure. Nothing like giving a whole new spin on parking duty.

  8. Oh My Yumminess!

  9. Talk about a perfect day !!
    The wind was strong but warm and friendly.. wasn't it ? I loved being lulled to sleep by it.

  10. "Brown-eyed girl" is my song too!! even though I have blue eyes. My boys play it for every singsong.

    Your high tea looks scrumptious - also the barbeque. I love doing the veggies like that. So flavourful.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful but busy day. Those are such fun events.
    I saw that storm rising out from our way and I decided to take a walk up Promontory and guess who got caught without a rain coat, no cell no money...
    My wonderful man rescued me once again.

  12. Sometimes those storms can create a coziness all their own. I think bite-sized foods are perfect for showers and get-togethers making it so easy to try a few more things.

  13. Lovella.....everything looks lovely for the tea... I must say, it appears you have the right formula for the perfect Sunday afternoon...the patio looks wonderful...

  14. Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl - one of my favorite all-time songs....it takes me back to my high school days and summertime down at the lagoon...ahhh.

    Your high tea looks scrumptious, and I love the way the poet in you peeks out now and then!

    That storm looks very stormy!


  15. Lovella, I only wish I lived close enough to tactfully invite myself over for tea one cozy afternoon.

  16. It looked lovely, Lovella! High tea, and low grill, all sounded delightful!


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