chilleeee and hoisting the new line

When the weather man says in the morning that we've had the coolest spring since 1970 something. . . I believe him.
We've had a few warm days.
Everyone pretends its warm.
In the mall, you see young girls that have nice shorts and legs to match. . . proudly sporting their summer clothes.
Mostly though, I try to look past the chilleeeee weather and admire the beauty of the season.
The raspberry fields across the road are so perfect now. The field has been rototillered and the blossoms will soon be covered with bees.

Oh, remember my clothesline difficulty a few weeks back? The sheets were tangled into the reel at the end of the line?
Sing with me. . ."does your line hang low, does it wobble to and fro. . . ."
Well, my beloved then announced that the line had stretched beyond repair and a new one would be required before I tried to hang the wash.
So .. .
the other day we were in Canadian Tire .. .
he turned right towards the mechanic section .. .
and I turned left towards housewares.
After browsing for 20 minutes or so, I called him up. . .
I said. . ."where are you"
He said .. . "aisle 50 .. .clotheslines"
I said .. ."I'll meet you there". . .snickering
When I arrived he was busy studying the various lines and tightening devices ..
He looked at me .. .
I was holding a line and the tightening devices that I had already studied and selected.
Good times.. . .
He had a look and after being properly impressed that I knew what was all needed .. .
we headed for the checkout.

So, yesterday when he realized that dinner wasn't quite done, he went out to give the old line its walking papers.
One snip and it was all over.

I looked out my window and . .
I said. . ."what you doin"?"
Oddly .. .he didn't reply.
I went back to making dinner.

Minutes later .. .
a little crimping. .
( I safely observed from within the home. . .as not to disturb or annoy my clothesline installer).

More tightening .. . .

and I have one tight line. . .
woo hoo.

It's a beautiful thing. . .
now if I could just have a breezy sunshiny day .. .

Oops, I just was about to sign off and I scrolled down and found one more picture.
This one is for all of you that think. . . .
that it all turns out wonderfully in my kitchen. .
When the recipe calls for a 8X5 loaf pan ..
observe the rules. .
Have a wonderful day my friends.
I'm off for my walk.


  1. Ha! love the rasberry bushes and your new line looks wonderful. Oopsey on the it tasted good.

  2. It is good to know that you have baking trouble once in a while. I found the best recipe for brownies in the dentist office the other day. Here it goes: 1.5 cups butter (melted), 1 cup cocoa, 4 cups brown sugar, 4 eggs, 2 tsp. vanilla, 2 cups flour. Add this all to the melted butter in a large bowl. Whisk by hand till it is all mixed. Pour into cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. I thought I would post this on your blog since I don't have a blog and since you are my baking inspiration.

  3. One of the disappointments of moving into an clothes line! With all of this Florida sunshine and the Gulf Coast breezes, everything would dry in no time. Well, until the humid season begins, that is.

  4. Raspberry patches in spring are a beautiful thing...especially when they are someone else's! (We had berries for many years.)

    I'd run to Canadian Tire for a line if it would help...but I'm still waiting for the pole.

    I'm sure the loaf tasted yummy...even if it outgrew it's pan!

  5. Wow..that last photo looks like something straight out of my oven! : )
    So glad you got your line back! Nothing smells better than things dried on a line!


  6. there is nothing better than to have your wash out on the line. i could just sit and watch clothes and sheets blowing on the wash line forever...

  7. One quick snip and a serious grimace! Yes, never, never annoy the clothesline installer or anyone who's doing anything worthwhile. LOL!

    What is that in your oven? Batter?

    Your cool weather is scaring me...what does this West Coast stuff mean for us East Coast folks?

  8. I had to giggle at all the goings on with that clothes line...I just can't imagine raspberries growing so close by...We have to drive a ways to even see the countryside, which I so love to do...I suppose we can't have it all..I'll just have to settle for palm trees and beaches, for now.....

  9. lol.......that loaf looks like it could happen to me......glad to hear that you have mishaps too.
    raspberrys soooo close by, lucky you. do you sneak a taste once in awhile? you probably have some of your own bushes right? your beloved mr.t is the best!
    corinne thanks for the brownie recipe, it looks yummy.
    ellie, you are so nostalgic and a romantic at heart. a true little house on the prarie kinda gal!!! that is what i love about you.
    by the way lovella the weather in manitoba is cool as well, very disapointing!

  10. As Charlotte said our weather is cool but we have had a lot of sunshine and finally some rain yesterday..the warm weather must be around the corner, right??
    I too am wondering about those raspberry bushes, Lovella..
    Happy for you that your clothes line is 'up and running' again, your 'fix it' man did it again!
    Pic of that loaf in the oven,I have one like that too..hehe

  11. Oh Lovella, I love the pictures and story and, you know it...especially the last one. Say, how does one DOUBLE a recipe anyway...sometime I will have to ask you about the scientific reasoning behind doubling some of the recipe items but not not always double the yeast etc. Anyway....hilarious
    Sounds like you have the best handyman ever eh?! And you aren't so shabby yourself at fixing it seems.

    Thanks for 'keeping it real - reel...get it?!!!'

  12. Your new clothes line looks like it wants to be put to use real soon! I like your chicken mobile too.

    Corrine's brownie recipe is tempting my sweet tooth....yikes! It looks so easy, right up my alley.

  13. Ahahhhahahha. The perfect baker takes a picture of her not-so-perfect loaf. I love it! And yes, I agree it is rather chilly these days. (As I sit here with my slippers on and a tank top in a heated home).

    Thank you for your heartfelt comments, Lovella. I believe your truest beauty is revealed in the writings on your blog too. Cheers to being beautiful on the inside where it really matters!


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