Charlotte and Betty R

This morning I'm sipping on a delicious cup of Rooibos Tea from


I had the most delightful surprise on Saturday morning.

As my beloved and I were coming home from an early morning coffee out,

I suggested that we stop and pick up the mail.

oh, goodness, I should have had my camera with me.

In our box was "the key". . .

to the big box.

Inside the big box I found this parcel.

The return address was from Manitoba.

Now tell me the truth .. .

when is the last time you got

a) a parcel from Manitoba.

b) just because the sender/s are gracious giving people.

c) someone just wanted to bless you.

So the story goes like this. . .

I have two wonderful ladies that graciously comment on my blog. . .

They are both from Manitoba.

They don't know each other.

They live in different towns.

They met on my blog.

They have enjoyed each others comments.

They have by leaving comments .. .

become friends.

Hmmmm .. . .

So .. .

they got together one fine day,

with a plan.

They decided to send me a parcel ..

a care package..

Inside the package. . .

were little packages.

I emailed them and told them that there were close up pictures with my tears flowing ..

but I looked pretty scary.

(side note here. . .why do some people look nice when they cry?)

I mopped my tears of humble delight. . .

and smiled properly for the camera.

They even enclosed a take home menu from a restaraunt that they knew I would love.

So .. .what did they send, you ask?

One dear letter. . .handwritten, like the olden days.

One fantastic CD of Steve Bell with the Winnepeg Symphony Orchestra. .

(song six . . .Even So Lord Jesus Come .. . oh my. . . crying again)

One brand new Mennonite Treasury of Recipes Cookbook ..

(mine has lost its cover and is quite a disaster.)

They even put in notations of their favorite and not so favorite recipes.

One package of Organic Rooibos Tea from the Cornelia Bean shop. .

( I love that name Cornelia)

So, what can I say to thank you Betty r and Charlotte?

I appreciate you both so much.

You have spoken words of wisdom and comfort and joy. . .

many times for all of us to enjoy.

I'm so glad you had a chance to meet and have some tea.

We share a common bond of our faith,

you are my sisters in the Lord.

May you be blessed.

I have Charlotte's Maple Twist posted here.

Betty's Fruit Roll posted here.

Try these delicious treats if you haven't already done so.

So . .. not that long ago, I got an email thread on facebook from a few girls.

Three girls from blog land. .

They were thinking it might be nice to have coffee together. .

somewhere. . .

I'm off to put the scones in the oven.


Since these girls all have blogs, I know they won't be shy for a picture op. .

Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. How very sweet, in all ways!

  2. Omigosh! Those gals would have me in tears, too. God bless'em!

    Thank you for sharing your treasures with us, Lovella. Enjoy them knowing that the Lord blessed you with two wonderful fans!

  3. I love getting packages in the mail, but the ones containing thoughtful, loving gifts from friends so far away are extra-special...enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. well.....i humbly say "you're welcome"
    but really it was a gift to say "thankyou"
    thankyou for sharing your faith, your hopes, your joys and sometimes trials.
    you my dear are a true delight.
    bless you, as i have been blessed by you.

  5. How sweet is that? I haven't met Charlotte...but Betty is a wonderful blogging friend of mine also...always an encouragement to me.

    What a great parcel from Manitoba! I can identify with the "tattered" Mennonite Treasury cookbook...that is one recipe book that has had much use over the years.

    I also enjoy Steve Bell...have heard him in concert several times.

    I have never heard of Rooibos Cornelia bean company. Cornelia was my MIL's given name (she went by Nellie).

    Thanks for sharing your goody bag with all of us today...what fun!

  6. I ditto all of what Charlotte said..
    And it truly was a delight to meet Charlotte and plan this little care pkg for our next wish is to meet you person!!
    Wouldn't that be fun!!

  7. What a grand surprise! I have "met" so many blogging friends in the year that I have had a blog.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. So much fun indeed! It's been great to meet bloggy friends and getting things in the mail from fellow bloggers! SWEET!

  9. i was sooooo excited for you to get that package, lovella! i'm glad it brought you happiness and "even so lord jesus come" is my hands down favourite on the cd as well. may you enjoy many happy hours of listening to the sounds of steve bell, enjoy a new mennonite treasury, and some lovely tea.

  10. Oh Lovella...I'd love to see you head out on a blogger road trip. Don't you need to see more of Canada anyways?

  11. What a neat story! How fun that Charlotte and Betty met on your blog! And what lovely things to send in the mail!

  12. What fun!! It's been enjoyable to read Charlotte and Betty's comments, and I always thought they were related! Through your blog they have now met, and they chose to bless you in return for how you've blessed them. So sweet. Thanks for sharing your parcel surprise with your readers (and thanks for giving us a sneaky little peek at your grandbabies on the wall !!)

  13. This is the most beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

  14. What a blessing! I'm sure this felt like a warm hug from Jesus. Wonderful.

  15. You are truly blessed with friends like this..this world needs more of these actions

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. goodness...I had no idea how this 'delete' comment went. Truly I wanted to just add to my comment that went as such....

    As you have blessed others, in turn you have been blessed. I too have been blessed by your posts and through you and Judy I have had the privilege of becoming friends with Betty r as well. She truly is one in a million and has oh so added to my weekend voyages into the Chemistry Lab called - my kitchen.


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