the best one ever

The kitchen is tidy again.
The high chairs are stashed back in the baby room.
The kids (big and little) all went home.
We called friends over last night to help us eat the Rhubarb Bar.
We showed them the pictures of our day.
The pictures of the smiles.
We told them how the lil' farm hand giggled over and over again when Grandpa threw the ball for Tobee and he caught it.
Lil' miss N had herself a leisurely nap. . .
and woke with smiles.
We laughed a lot.
My mom by love .. .announced at lunch that she wouldn't mind living with us. .
lets just build a "big" house in that field .. .she said.
The rest of the day I quizzed her.. . .
how many dinners a week could I count on. . .
does she do blinds. . .
(she is a wonderful cook and baker .. .and no . .she's mine. . part of the package when I married. .. .you can't build a big house in your field and invite her over to live)
I felt oddly complimented that she would want to.
Something to ponder .. . .
Oh and the little vase with the white orchid?
It was my mom's.
So much of the world knows heartache this morning.
Not even fully awake we heard that there was yet another piece of devastating news.
China has suffered a terrible earthquake. . .schools have crumpled and children are trapped.
8500 plus souls lost.
Here am I . . .I feel incredibly blessed,
I sit here and look at yesterdays photos and wonder .. .
why me?
Today, let me show a little love back to those that need it most.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off for my walk.


  1. Lovella, you make me grin. I mean it! How many daughter's-in-law would welcome her mother-in-law as a most treasured family member. Not many! You're a treasure and your mother-in-law must certainly be.

    I was also grinning about the tidying up that goes on after visits from the grands. I found a shoe, a box of Teddy Grahams, a diaper slightly used, and a truck. LOL!

    Hope that the walk was fantastic!

    (And ackkkk! I have not heard the news yet today. You do know that you have become my number one newscaster!)

  2. Life is good...but not everyone can say that. We are so blessed!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your family. Isn't it fun to have grandkids join the celebrations?

  3. Isn't it wonderful when hubby's mother becomes just like our own? I consider myself fortunate...

    ...and not just because of my wonderful mothers, but because we have so much - so many blessings - yet people around the world are suffering so.

  4. Look how clean and tidy your kitchen is! :)
    Isn't it nice to sit around and just bask in the love that is extended to us and the love we extend to others. Sounds like a perfect day. Blessings
    We received word from our friends in China that they are safe. Praying for others who were not so fortunate...

  5. Good morning Lovella! A big house in the middle of the field with all the loved ones living there sounds wonderful...everyone with their own "retreat" space, but getting together for meals and fun....Really, having all the generations together would be good for everyone if the family is a loving one.

    I saw that news about China when I got on the Internet this morning...could hardly believe there has been yet another huge disaster. I join you and others in prayer for all those impacted by these recent events.


  6. Lovella...what a lovely day you described...I so enjoy your writing...The little pink vase..just a little reminder of your sweet.

    I too have been listening to the news..building codes are not up to standards in many deaths I fear...I can't even think about the sad..

  7. Great to read that you had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration, Lovella.
    Wow your kitchen does look neat!
    I had a wonderful Mother's Day blessed!
    It's raining here today..finally!!

  8. i so happy that you had a special mother's day.
    what a huge compliment for the mother-by-love to live with you. that is certainly the way things were done in days gone by.
    i had a fabulous day, best mother's day yet. j-'s baptism was beautiful and we had tons of company, somewhere between 40-50 of well wisher to help celebrate with us for lunch. people came after church and the last of them left close to 8:00 in the evening...i was pooped.
    certainly there are soooo many people who were suffering, mourning or lonely today. thankyou for being such a sensitive spirit to remind us of God's blessings and the world that needs HIM!

  9. Your lilacs are beautiful! I'm glad you had a special day. Yes, I also sometimes feel so blessed and wonder why God allows me to be so, when others suffer. I guess it just calls for more and more gratefulness, as we've just been studying in Romans this past week.


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