tasha has holidays

It's beyond me why when I see a stormy sky I feel energy bubbling out of my soul.
It was like that last evening and seriously, I could just scurry around the farm trying to capture the different clouds.
We had something a bit odd happen during that time. Splotches of blue sky.
The plum blossoms are open and waiting for the bees to come and see. . .

We have a farm guest for a bit.
Her "mom and dad" have gone on holiday and since our farm is seriously lacking a dog after Otis and Indee sadly met their demise .. . .
well, apparently we are being trusted to care for Tasha for a bit.

She didn't seem at all out of sorts after her "dad" left.

Running after a tennis ball seemed like just the ticket to make her feel at home.
Every now and then she caught a whiff of her predecessors and quickly covered that annoying scent with her own. She was quite busy.

Then, to further endear us to her heart. . .
we gave her the farm
speciality on her
This was new to her and she never stopped slurping till it was licked clean.
So, fun on the farm for a bit.
As I sit here this morning, I'm seeing splotchy bits in the sky .. .
blue mixed with clouds.
Woo hoo.
Have a wonderful day my friends,
I have my pedometer strapped to my pajama bottoms .. .(it's still early)
I've been having a hard time making it to 10,000 and I'm getting desperate.
I think I'll fiddle with my template a bit today.
Don't be alarmed when you see odd things, I'm adjusting and experimenting.


  1. The photos from around the farm are beautiful. Look at that rainbow in the first one, cool. If I had a pet I'd let you babysit for sure..
    Oh and about the pedometer this week ~ I'm at about 300 steps total for the week so far!!! Keep moving while you can :)

  2. Stormy skies are thrilling....even more so if the storm is actually happening, with thunder, etc., and lots of wind! I LOVE that! I thought it was just because it happens so rarely here, but maybe not.

    Yes, strapping the pedometer to one's pajama bottoms adds a nice little amount of steps; I've tried that too!

    Your guest appears to be enjoying her stay quite a bit.

  3. I know your guest will be treated well and will be begging to come again!
    Love the rainbow, I haven't seen one since last summer.
    Pedometer?? I need to start wearing it again,I took a little break and now it's hard to get back to it!
    Checked my rhubarb and it is just starting to pop out of the ground..

  4. No problem for me if you play around with this and that...it's always a treat.

    I'd never heard of an egg served on dog food before. Tasha is such a pretty dog and she does look as if she's enjoying her time with you.

    Stormy skies always appeal to me, too, but your wide-open spaces give you a much better chance to see them.

    I'm going for a walk today. I am! Can you believe it?!!

  5. I like your new template. I noticed my name cooperated this time.
    But why doesn't it show my current post??
    Anyways I'm off to the hospital with my pedometer.

  6. Hi Lovella...just popped over from Vee's (the other Vee..lol) to say about using any skillets or containers on our glass stove tops.

    Just make sure it has no rough edges... it will scratch the glass if it has a sharp edge. I have one huge scratch on my stove top from my first day using something (I absolutely don't know what!) that was a bit rough..then I ran my finger over the scratch to check if it was a hair or a crack and got a bad cut as the scratch was deep enough and sharp...

    If pots or pans have rough bottoms...I don't use them on mine anymore. Also, I have just found the pan of my dreams... Swiss Diamond..non stick that is not Teflon..it has diamond bits incorporated..I am going to do a post later today or perhaps tomorrow on my Tea and Scones blog aboutit...... Absolutely no oil needed to cook with....so I love it. You can even cook an egg with no butter ..not that I eat any eggs anymore... but hubby still does.

  7. we love the storms here too.

  8. Lucky dog...I'm ready for a vacation also (not on a farm though.

    And my pedometer has been totally ignored for a very long time...but I'm thinking of getting it back in gear! And...I just won a stainless water cup and a PEDOMETER at Safeway (on the cards they give out at the till). So I have no excuses...I'm good to go.

    And thanks, Lovella...for all your prayers and encouraging words this past week. We just felt God's peace as we walked through deep waters...we never felt alone!

  9. Oh! ... an egg? I was thinking canned peaches! (what do I know about dogs)

  10. Forgive me, Lovella, but somehow I have missed what happened to Otis and Indee. Can you fill me in?

  11. Gads that is a mighty fine looking hound. Make me wonder when you might get another pooch for your porch.

  12. Lucky pup!

    I love storms like that too - especially thunder storms - I feel a little wild inside - like there is some sort of energy storm going on in me too. I love them.

  13. We saw that rainbow on Sunday as we returned from our outing to the Island. I think its the contrast in moods/colours that brings such an excitement to the air when sunshine and darkness intermingle. Great picture!!! I was hoping you would capture it. :)

  14. I'm glad they found a good home for her to stay at. I was asked to watch her, too, but was away for part of the time right in the middle of their vacation, so didn't feel it was fair to the pooch. She's getting MUCH better treatment. I would never have thought of giving her an egg. :)


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