ta ta to my friends

I am continuously humbled by your enthusiasm of my journal. Since I've started blogging I have begun to enjoy the benefits of the record keeping of our lives. The record is not concise enough to check back to see when we had who over for dinner last or what we've been up to on the weekend but it surely has been great to look back and say . ..
. .. well that looked like fun . . . .even to me.
There is such a temptation to embellish my life just a wee bit to keep you amused and entranced in the daily activities here on the farm . .. .but
.. . . I have delightful friends and family that read .. .
and would know .. . .
and tell as they should.
So, I present the reality as truthful as I can.
What continuously amazes me is when I run into someone in town and they whisper in my ear. . . I found your blog and I read it.
Shucks . .. .really?
The other day I ran in to my childhood friend from elementary school ...
and that is what she said. I'm humbled again.
And then . ..
there are you who don't know me and live across our beautiful country and our neighbors to the south who also have become my friends by sharing bits of your life in leaving me comments.
I'm especially delighted when someone who hasn't a blog of their own,
comments on mine .. . (otherwise how would I know you are there?)
and share what your day holds.
I find that ever so rewarding.
So . . .today,
I think of you and say ta ta .. .
for being my friend. . ..
for all your encouragement, kind comments, and moments spent here, or the kind words when we meet . . how sweet.
Today, a bit of cleaning, a bit of walking, a bit of chatting, a run to the market and then the weekend will be here.
Have a great day my friends.
(pretty funny . .. .
edited later at noon .. . .
Lovella. . . . "Bea what does Ta Ta mean? . . .
response .. . .waves .. .
Lovella. . . oh.. . . doesn't it mean thank you in baby talk? . ...
response .. . . chuckle .. . oh does it?. . . .
sorry for the confusion. . . . ta ta means thank you to me. . .
I'm not going now where just yet.


  1. Gosh! You scared me there for a minute! I thought you were closing up the blog and heading off into the sunset. Phew and double PHEW! I hear what you are saying and you're so right. My niece caught me in an embellishment and that's taught me not to take poetic license. LOL!

    I have an award for you with no strings attached!

  2. Blogging to me has become like picking up the "Province" to read and catch the highlights.
    Now blog land has become my morning highlight to read what others are doing. Thanks for your on-going inspirational words.

  3. I love reading your blog, Lovella. You are fun and an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing!
    I'm cleaning today and getting out to enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Thanks again for sharing your daily living with all of us, Lovella. I look forward to reading it each day and often leave my computer with a smile on my face! I'm glad you've got your "groove" back. Lori

  5. it's been a real pleasure and inspiration to have met you in such a way........i think to my self, what a special lady

  6. I will attest to the fact that you are real, Lovella! and I have known you all your life !!

    It is tempting to embellish, I think, because our own experiences always seem to pale in comparison to other's.

    I have one granddaughter who loves to tell stories and while she doesn't take licence unnecessarily with untrue embellishments , she does tell a 'good' story !! She was complaining to me one day that she had been telling her friends something about an experience of hers and they were all soo interested. Then her older sister who was also listening pricked her bubble by cutting down to the bare facts and my little story teller was soo disappointed to loose her friends' interest !!!

    You, Lovella, tell a very good story !!!

  7. You gave me the same scare as vee - ta ta here means bye bye.


    I enjoy my "visits" with you - your winsome personality shines through every post. Thanks for allowing us to be a small part of your life.


  8. Hope your day is going well and I'm glad that you were just saying "hello" not "so long" :)

    Hope you got your walk in before the rain fell.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Lovella, you've certainly been a bright spot in my blogging life...always a joy to read what you have to say...and see another part of this wonderful world that I've not visited personally.

    I love that composite of spring flowers you arranged....a bouquet of sorts, each in its own little square.


  10. I too worried you were 'ending the whole thing' - blogdom. I only JUST found you. I love checking in with you and you are truly an inspiration. Keep journalling as I am finding that most women are sharing through this modern version of 'tea and biscuits' as they always have of old.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Boy you had me scared for a minute. Cuz ta ta to me has meant goodbye! I'm glad your ta ta is not a goodbye, cuz I'd miss you.
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  12. Okay, I agree with the others that were worried you were saying goodbye to blogdom. So glad I was mistaken. I have been so blessed to read your blog. I have not been so faithful with mine. Hopefully that will change soon. So looking forward to meeting you.

  13. hmmm...should i tell you what "ta ta" has come to mean in our household? lets just say that, once my son came along, his milk source came from 2 ta's :) (we thought it sounded a bit less cheesy than boobies)

    your blog is the first one i check every day. partly because you update so frequently, but mostly because i really really enjoy it. so ta ta to YOU!

  14. Hi Lovella! You don't know me but we have some mutual friends, and I check in with your blog occasionally too! I especially love all your 'botanical' pictures...gorgeous!

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog.. I can't remember exactly how i stumbled on it ( I think a friend, of a friend, of a friend!) But I wanted to say thanks for the recipes, and crafty stuff. I had my second daughter 5 months ago and wanted to make a blanket for my oldest daughter ( 2yrs) to help transition her to a big girl room and saw the rag quilt on your blog. I am not a sewer but thought I could handle this project. Your instructions where clear and the pictures helped lots! I have some pictures of the quilt (not as nice as yours but i'm still happy!) on my blog if you want to mosey on over and check. But just wanted to say thanks!

  16. i'm glad you're not going anywhere because your title had me a bit concerned for a moment! reading your blog has been so comforting to me and inspired to get into blogging myself. ta ta to you lovella, for sharing of yourself with us.

  17. Sorry, I do read all the time, but never comment. I love getting comments too, so I understand. I so enjoy your posts. They always inspire me to slow down and do something meaningful, to enjoy something in this life that God gave us. So thanks! :o) And your photos are gorgeous, I need to take my camera on my morning walks. Have another great day!

  18. Ta ta to you too ... if that means 'thank you!' Your blog is always fun to read. Just fyi, in New Zealand they say 'ta' for thank you and ok ... they use it quite regularly. You'd be very safe with one 'ta' over there ... I think the double 'ta' means good-bye for them too.

  19. Oh I love all your pictures...how did you do that? So pretty and such lovely things to capture.

    Nothing blooming here yet, though I see some tulip leaves and daffodils gingerly peaking up through the mulch. Such chickens they are here in CT.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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