start of the week . . .

Try really hard not to think of these pictures and the progression of them and what these fresh spring rhubarb stalks are heading for . .. .
I couldn't possibly post a picture of what they looked like in the end and find a suitable reason to post that and my big plan towards fitness .. .
with a straight face .. .
(it was a special occasion .. .really it was)
So . . . .did you finish breakfast already?
I'm still amazed that people are trying to skip that. I'm not even going to go there with how important this detail is in our goal towards being as healthy as we can be.
I won't bore you with another picture of our oatmeal and yogurt. . .
yada yada yada.
In addition to having my pedometer firmly attached and feeling completely back on track with my goal of 1O,0oo per day we on the farm are adding a tidbit or two towards our health plan.
We are working towards eating whole grains.
That's it.
Less white flour and white sugar .. .
(except of course for company and special occasions)
So we eat ..
brown rice ..
whole grain bread ..
whole grain tortillas ..
whole wheat pasta .. . (well we are intermittently)

We already have started this idea. Have you watched Dr. Oz at all on Oprah? The week before last he challenged everyone to give up soda. We didn't have to do this since we don't drink soda and felt quite smug about being ahead of the game.

This last week he encouraged everyone to eat a slice of whole grain bread before dinner with a drizzle of olive oil. The reason to do this was (as far as I could gather) to get something into the body that would turn to sugar slowly and thus make us feel full faster.

Well, we haven't done this. . . (smirk) .. . exactly .. .
we've more incorporated whole grains in general... .
My beloved was delighted since I was threatening to lock up the old bread box.
He'd just as soon shrivel up than do that.

So, we're compromising with the old flour bag and trying to go as whole grain as possible.
I think we already are feeling a bit of success with this .. .

How about you? Have you incorporated any healthy eating ideas into your lifestyle?

I'd love to know and also please . . .
tell me you've eaten your breaky.

I'm off for my walk . ..


  1. I've eaten my breaky - yogurt, strawberries & flax..yum yum!

    I agree with you on the whole grain motto, however I'm sure Paul would die if he didn't have some good 'ol starch in his diet!

    Have a great day!

  2. Yes I had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast and yes we've been "whole graining" it for some time now. Mind you still enjoying a sweet treat once in awhile.

  3. Ah yes, whole grains.....lately we've been enjoying multi-grain no-knead bread (your recipe with my own combination of grains), having oatmeal in the morning, and we also switched over to whole wheat spaghetti. We bought it at Costco and it tastes better than we thought it would. Lots of fruits and vegetables and grains, lots of's all good!

  4. Your rhubarb is beautiful! What a healthy bed of it you have. I planted rhubarb a few years ago and it hasn't done so well. I'm hoping that it's down there under the snow somewhere.

    So are you making rhubarb pie or rhubarb garden decorations as Lovella suggested? :> Decorations I'm sure!

    When I gave up soda three or four years ago, I thought I'd die until I realized, and very quickly, too, how much better I felt. I switched to whole wheat everything at that time, too. Also switched to butter and olive oil instead of margarine and shortening. I lost about 40 pounds and have stalled since, but I do feel so much better. Now if I just would put my pedometer on! Oh, and I always eat my breakfast...sometimes toast and a TBS of honey or oatmeal. And usually a piece of citrus fruit...always a cup of coffee, too, but you aren't going to say anything about that, are you?

  5. ...not a TBS of oatmeal! Gee, I really do need an editor!!

  6. Lovella, you thoughtful intentions didn't work ... My mouth is absolutely WATERING for rhubarb pie !! It is my favorite of all favorites..and I needed nothing more than the barest hint of a rhubarb stock and I could smell exactly where it was headed !

    I have done VERY well with cutting back on white flour ! (smirk) It's amazing how much easier it is when you don't have a choice! :-)

  7. Yes, I've had my breakfast and second breakfast! I am trying to incorporate a lot more healthy fiber into our diet. We eat whole wheat bread without high fructose corn syrup in it and I'm buying more whole grain/wheat pasta, too. My walking totals this week have been sabotaged already by my achy lower back. I woke up all spasmed (sp?) Can bearly move. Ahh momentary light afflictions...
    enjoy walking and your rhubarb pie!!

  8. Are you going to add some of your strawberries (from the freezer) to that rhubarb pie??

    One of our favourites.

    We eat whole wheat bread all the time. More flavour. But I haven't quite conquered homemade whole wheat bread. I make a white flour recipe that is very plain and simple and delicious. I add a little whole wheat too it but it's still mostly white.

    We've been eating Catelli's Smart pasta - all the fibre benefit of whole wheat (so the box says!)

    Have a great walk - I'm going kayaking! I don't think the pedometer will work but I'll be getting exercise anyway!

  9. Yes, Yes....whole grains. If the wonderful bloggers can share whole grain recipes I would absolutely love to delve into my 'chemistry 101' kitchen and try that too. Tell me, does that require anything more complicated...? I am just mastering Judy's potato rolls, and Betty's wonderful german recipes too....Don't laugh too hard, you have NO idea how I can complicate the simplest of things in an 'unknown field?'! That could spell disaster. Have fun with drizzled olive oil. I must say,use flax seed oil instead of margarine/butter on your whole wheat or dark dark german rye bread and you are in for a health treat. Also, sorry but if you CANNOT eat breakfast like me, a squeeze of fresh lemon and 1 tsp of flax seed oil in water in the morning can be a good morning start until you reach for that fruit mid-morn. Have a good one all!

  10. I've got to slow down, take my bearings, remember where I am...%> JUDY suggests. I'm leaving a message at Lovella's blog, that would be you, Hon!

    Don't mind me, I'm wandering off now to take a much-needed nap.

  11. It would be nice to whole grain it a bit more, but life in a dorm isn't always condusive to that, unfortunately. That rhubarb sure looks good though!! I like eating it raw - is that weird??

  12. We've been working on a program for the last year. Since I quit working that became a priority.
    Lots of fresh fruit/vegtables and whole wheats and I love to bake my
    own freshly ground health buns.
    Desserts are once a week.

    Keep it up Lovella, We've experienced some major changes. I've lost 10 and am so motivated to keep it off, but that's also with the help of exercise up to 5 hours a week.

    Keep working and you'll find the results and yes, we have the whole big fat book, "You Staying Young" by Dr. Oz

    I'm off for a walk.

  13. Oh yes, I always eat breakfast...I'd wilt about 10:00 if I didn't! This morning it was a slice of whole grain toast with mashed avocado and a tiny sprinkle of salt on top. Other days it is shredded wheat (bite sized) or oatmeal made the old fashioned way (not instant).

    That rhubarb sure does look good...when I was a kid we had rhubarb growing in our garden and my mother stewed it....I learned to love it back then. But I hardly ever see it these days...and haven't had any for decades!

    I had to get myself back on the walking and eating healthy bandwagon today too...too many cookies last week, and I hardly walked at all over the weekend. Today I did my 10,000 before lunch, which was an apple, a banana, some walnuts, candied ginger and dried cranberries (I make my own trail mix), and when I got back home, a little bit of salmon salad on two crackers.

    Oh, but I DO miss those cookies....bad, bad!


  14. Well it sounds like everyone is so healthy with all whole grains. I switched to whole wheat bread for the kids sandwiches and toast. They are fine with it, it's my husband that doesn't see the need. I never used to eat breakfast but now I just about faint if I don't. I also have cut my coffee to 1 cup a day and the rest of the time I drink water.

  15. Breakfast every morning except Sunday: banana, coffee, granola or cereal with yogurt and ground flax meal.

    Don't forget to drink your water!

    I gave up soda more than two years ago. smirk. self righteous smile.

    We eat mostly whole grains, and always have whole wheat bread. I haven't convinced The Professor of the superior taste whole wheat pasta yet.

    Rhubarb! I miss my rhubarb patch!

  16. Right now too many to mention....a gazillion ounces of water a day and eating my biggest meal in the middle of the day...broil it, roast it, steam it, saute it, bake it!!!

    Let's roll!!

    19.5 pounds off since Feb 12
    (see blog)

  17. Love your rhubarb pictures -- rhubarb crumble or strawberry/rhubarb pie would be really lovely!

    Oh my, we have to eat healthy here for my health. Sometimes it's kind of discouraging -- always choosing whole wheat, no sugar/sweeteners, etc. But, it seems to help. we eat lots of fruit and veg, whole grain, no soda etc. And we never skip breafkast. :) I intend to post later this week on some of my recent creations. We'll see. :)

  18. We've pretty much only eaten whole grains for years. Pop/soda is never in the house except on occasion when the kids get a take out pizza (and they are the only ones who drink it)For breaky, I pretty much eat 1-2 pieces of fruit, and that only after I have worked out. That makes me really hungry for lunch, which I typically eat around 11:30. I don't have sweets in the house, except some rice krispy treats I buy at Costco for the kids and grandsons lunch. As much as I love those, I do not eat them. Once I start, there's no stopping the sugar train, and I don't get off till my pants get too tight!!!

  19. Can't believe I haven't been by for over a week ~ hmmm... some friend I am! I've missed you. I absolutely love the colour of rhubarb! I think it would be lovely to paint a few walls that colour, and then throw in some of the pale green/pink meaty part somewhere. Oh, I guess my inhabitions take precident, and my beige walls prevail. Thanks for the colourful delights, and encouraging healthy tidbits!

  20. Great to hear about the healthy changes you're making for your diet!

    We've also incorporated similar changes over the last 2 years - after having some health problems due to food intolerances I needed to make some lifestyle changes with regards to my daily diet.

    So I've cut out all white flour, white sugar, white bread, etc. We only buy raw organic sugar now - I even use this for cooking/baking as well. In addition, my diet used to be very high in carbs, but I've reduced this a lot. I now eat sprouted grain bread (without flour) for breakfast and generally don't eat any bread for the rest of the day...I try to eat more fresh fruits, veggies, protein, dairy, etc. I've found I feel really great eating dinners with just meat and salad with homemade dressing (or veggies of some sort) and that's it! What's really great is that my hubby LOVES these kinds of dinners too :)

    Oh, and yes I had my breakfast this morning!!

  21. That rhubarb looks delicious ... I can almost taste it nestled in one of your delicious desserts. Mine didn't make an appearance this year. I think I killed it with the compost mix I put around it last year. Do you think it'll come back again? Here's hoping.


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