setting up the photo op's

On Sunday afternoon, when the brunch was cleaned up and the babes had finished napping. . .
the photo op was set up for the five month shoot.
The babes are nearly sitting up ..
or at least doing their level best.
Little Miss N's Daddy Stuart showed them what we wanted to achieve .. .
the babes looked perplexed at how to preform that trick .. .
they tried. . .
we laughed. .

When you think that keeping several babes organized for a photo op is complicated .. .
add a basket full of baby chicks.

Good times.

Today is drizzly wet. We're hoping for a break in the rain to run over to our new neighbors a short drive away. . .family has moved back to town .. .
and their yard. . .

well let's just say is needs the touch of my gardener.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Ha! Very funny. Love the shot with the chick on his head...

  2. Those chickies are so darling...and is that young man your son? He's got the best grin!

    What happened to you when you clicked on spam? My friend told me that she clicked on one in my comments and it got very sticky and "tentacly" and wouldn't allow her to leave. It also froze the computer and she had to manually shut it down. Fortunately, she has lots of virus protection.

    I hate having spammers, but the new word verifications are such a challenge (Oh, I see you have them, too...I am going to make my best guess. LOL!) and am just trying to keep my blog as user friendly as possible.

    Does your word verification prevent spammers or do you still find some from time to time?

  3. Vee, yes that is our youngest son Stuart.
    When I clicked on it on someones blog I can't remember what happened exactly but we have lots of virus protection too. I really don't like have the word verification on and maybe now with the warning on my comments I'll remove it again. I haven't had any spam with the verification on. I so agree about wanting to keep the comments user friendly.

  4. Your son did a fine job of posing with the chicks. So did you get any wonderful shots of your grandbabies? It doesn't get much easier until they are about three!

    I took my 'word verification' off about the time you added yours. Have you had spam comments?

  5. Judy, yes we got some really cute shots with both babies together, but our dil's little niece came to have pictures taken with the chicks, she is three and yes it was much much easier.
    I had 2 spam comments left on my blog. . but you know what? I'm taking that word verifcation off right now .. I can't do those for the life of me. .

  6. Oh.. what's better than baby grandkids and baby chicks.. You can get the best candid shots when your subjects aren't thinking about 'posing'!
    We went to see eight wild baby ducks that somehow ended up in our friend's pool - misus their mother and are are now facing life in a basket!

    Have a wonderful spamless day !!

  7. Love the photos..chicks are always cute..and of course your good looking son is a good sport too, modelling with a 'chick' on his head.
    I 'appreciate' that you took off word verification..

  8. How cute! I remember being so excited to see the spring chicks when I was a young girl visiting the farm (my grandparents')...they were so much fun to play with. Probably almost as much fun as cuddling those grandbabies, huh?

  9. Peepin' in to see how ya are. Can see that you are up to your eyeballs in fuzzy wee yellow things. Looks like you are having a good time at it and the circus act must be coming right along;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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